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The right work culture

At Tesco, experience an atmosphere of inclusivity and career growth

At Tesco, inclusion means that ‘Everyone’s Welcome’. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect; by valuing individuality and uniqueness, we create a sense of belonging.

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of Tesco. We embed inclusion in everything we do and build an inclusive culture through our leaders  to make everyone feel welcome regardless of gender, religion, abilities, ethnicity, work level, working styles, and personalities.

We embed an inclusive and unbiased recruitment approach, accessible for all, with hiring managers who value representation.

Across the Tesco group, we strive to build an inclusive workplace, a place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues – who in turn help to build the success of our business and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

We hold regular listening forums to elevate voices of diverse colleagues and deliver a suite of continued and essential learning for colleagues.

Here are some ways we consider bringing about awareness to make our workplace more inclusive

To ensure that our deaf colleagues feel included, we

  • Have sign language training for colleagues
  • Use subtitles on videos
  • Use the services of sign language interpreters in workshops and townhalls
  • Celebrate ‘International Day of Disabled Persons’ on 3rd December

To celebrate gender
equality, we

  • Celebrate 'International Women's Day' on 8th March, 'International Men's Day' on 19th November and the ‘Pride month’ in June
  • Last year, we painted our zebra crossing with LGBTQia colours.

Building Working relationships through workshops & programmes

  • Cross-culture workshops
  • Drama/ street plays to create awareness around biases
  • ‘Being an inclusive manager’ programme for people managers

Beware of Phishing Scams

It has come to our attention that there are few websites that are soliciting payments on the pretext of providing jobs or creating business opportunities. Please note, Tesco Group does not in any way advertise any job postings or other marketing/business opportunities and solicit payments, including any auto-debit payments, for any purpose.
Hence, please beware of any such solicitations for payment which may involve usage of Tesco’s name, including any urls consisting of the word “Tesco”. In case, you are the victim of such schemes, please contact your banker and they can assist you with reporting the matter to the Reserve Bank of India. Needless to say, Tesco Group, its group corporations, officers, directors, employees and representatives shall not be responsible or in any way liable for loss that may befall you on account of such advertisements.

Colleague Stories

Anuthama Pai

Assistant Manager, Design & Formats

“I have been working in Tesco for the past 9 years and my growth here has been immense. There were many peaks and troughs that were a part of my career and each milestone had a valuable lesson for me. But the most important part of my journey that has helped me grow here is the fact that my opinions, however trivial, are valued. I am given opportunities in integral retail areas to test my abilities and improve both personally and professionally. As a tenured employee, I can say with pride that Tesco is a friendly, inclusive and awesome place to work.”

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Every day is a new day of learning at Tesco.

Mentoring is constant, with insights and experience being shared on an everyday basis. The company has so many opportunities to hone professional, and life skills, that will help you achieve your goals (whatever they may look like). We also have the tools and practices to help you discover your own career path, and build a bespoke training plan that can guide you every step of the way.


Hone professional
and personal skills

Discover your
career path

Bengaluru is home to the largest of the Tesco Business Services hubs. We deliver a high proportion of core services to the Tesco Group, from Finance to Property. Our aim is to simplify, scale & partner to serve our customers, colleagues and suppliers through a best in class intelligent Business Services model. We deploy the techniques of continuous improvement, automation and analytics throughout our operations, constantly re-inventing the way we deliver quality services and adding value for each of the international Tesco markets.

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Tesco Bengaluru is the largest of our Group Technology locations. Tesco aims to solve real-world problems on a global scale with technological expertise in the retail sector. Through distributed teams, we work together to envisage, design and create the future of retail and solve business challenges for hundreds of employees and customers all over the world.

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Explore our opportunities
to get on.

We identify ourselves as a Place to Get On, where everyone has the opportunity to be what they want to be and the environment at Tesco supports them.

Every colleague has the opportunity for both broad and specific experiences within the retail sector. All positions are openly shared internally, to ensure that everyone has the chance to apply and be considered. We have a Career Framework, that helps everyone to understand the skills and experiences required to work in different domains and job types. We have a connected Learning system that helps provide every colleagues with hints, tips and a menu of learning choices, which will support colleague development in their chosen area.

How our colleagues go about work at Tesco is just as important as the actual work or delivery itself. We collectively set the tone through our common Leadership skills of Innovation, empathy, resilience, collaboration and responsiveness.

We provide the most welcoming atmosphere where you can grow and develop the skills required for your career. In every workplace, teamwork is considered key. In Tesco, your team will be your hub for work, fun and a lot of learning.

Broaden your

your skills

Work with
keen minds

Learning at Tesco Bengaluru

Whether you’re seeking to develop essential skills for the next stage of your career, solve an immediate challenge, or develop personally, Learning at Tesco Bengaluru is here to support you.

We co-create learning experiences with you that enable you to grow, build a culture of continuous learning, and support new ways of working. You will find everything you need to help you learn and develop at Tesco. You design your learning from an exciting range of social and formal learning options.

You take ownership of your learning, we support you.

Leaders enable learning through inspiring conversations, encouragement and by creating a safe space to learn from mistakes.

You see learning as a daily journey, that is the mind-set you bring to Tesco. You learn through doing, experiencing and reflecting.

How we learn at Tesco

Learning without limits!

The classroom has been redefined and learners learn in so many ways, beyond the limitations of places and schedules. It could be by reading a book, watching a video, drawing from someone’s experience or simply trying something new at work. We encourage colleagues to be curious, to reflect, participate in and contribute to learning in all it’s forms.

You will also have access to

  • E-learning to help you quickly explore a variety of every day skills and toolsets.
  • Online learning portals such as Pluralsight, Udemy, Automation Anywhere
  • Support for professional certifications and Industry events
  • A team of leaders who provide career coaching
  • An selection of self service tools that help you take action 
  • Blended learning, to suit all learning styles.

Learning Initiatives

Own Your Career

This is an inclusive career development programme to help colleagues take active ownership of their career development. Participants experience a learning journey which includes workshops, speaker events, networking sessions and helpful toolkits. By exploring themes of career planning, networking and building your personal brand, participants are equipped to identify career opportunities at Tesco and achieve their aspirations.

Leading At Tesco

At Tesco we believe that a colleague is at the heart of the customer experience and the manager is at the heart of the colleague experience. The Leading At Tesco programme helps new managers make the transition to a managerial role and create an environment that helps their teams be successful. The four-month programme includes self assessments, self-paced learning and meaningful conversations.

Our Campus

With a green open campus spread across 1.5 acres, Tesco Bengaluru is a space where ideas originate and collaborations occur. We have state-of-the-art facilities such as a sports ground, gym, yoga room, food courts, and a Star Daily hypermarket for fulfilling daily needs. Our facilities are also adapted for differently abled colleagues. Tesco Bengaluru is proud to boast of an eco-friendly and sustainable campus with more than 600 trees.


Group Coaching Experience

“It helped us think, understand and answer some underlying questions that we don't quite pay attention to on a day to day basis. Due to which, we tend to focus less on our needs, goals and priorities. This session, helped us align and connect with our thoughts.”

Anuthama Pai
Assistant Manager, Design and Formats

Develop Your Potential workshop

“Session was better than the nail-biting cricket match (both process & outcome). I highly recommend this session to each of the manager@TESCO. This knowledge of JDI is timeless and not specific to Tesco, IMO. I hope to use this language/model as “Default” in my teams, for sure.” - Ranadheer Velamuri, Technology

Anuthama Pai
Assistant Manager, Design and Formats

Mentoring Experience

My mentor had a lot of experience working in an environment very similar to my own in Bengaluru. She helped me understand the perspectives of stakeholders who are not aware of my day to day delivery challenges. I also developed a broad understanding of the multiple factors that influence decision making at her level. She gave me direct feedback which helped me understand the importance of critical feedback in developing myself.” - Veena Vasanthakumar, Tesco Technology.

Anuthama Pai
Assistant Manager, Design and Formats

When our colleagues are at their best, Tesco is at its best.

With a rich 100-year-old legacy, Tesco has evolved as a retail giant in the global market. Our work culture is driven and full of energy, with our employees always ahead of the game. Our main focus is to bring home what the customer needs, putting satisfaction on top of everything else.

In our decades of extraordinary work, we know to never compromise on employee happiness. With events and benefits tailor-made for employee satisfaction, our workplace is always fun and happening.

‘Whole self, best self, yourself’ is our expression of caring deeply for our colleagues’ health and wellbeing. Through an integrated and holistic approach, we inspire our colleagues to be their best self, both personally and professionally.

Tesco aims to encourage colleagues to own their own health and wellbeing agenda. Around the year, through challenges, campaigns, learning opportunities and engagement plans, we inspire and encourage them to feel physically energised and mentally focused, to nurture a sense of purpose and feel connected.

Free medical coverage for colleagues and their parents

Free annual health check-up for colleagues –providing support to make them feel healthy and happy through Annual Health Check-ups. It includes a) Prescribed screening b) Doctor consultation and c) Discounted health check-up for family.

Discounted Health Check-up to family members:The health check-up benefits can be extended to immediate family members. 

Colleague-driven challenges to build an active lifestyle.

Headspace - Colleagues have free access to an award-winning mindfulness app to help them to build conscious rituals in their everyday life.

Colleague assistance programme - A free and confidential counselling service offered to our colleagues to support their well-being at the workplace and in their personal lives. This programme offers initial support and assistance to individuals and/or groups of colleagues who have personal and/or work-related issues that may impact their well-being, work performance, safety, individual and workplace morale and psychological health.

Financial literacy - Keeping our colleagues financially confident is a key element of our whole wellbeing. We provide multiple learning avenues with industry experts to help them be more financially wise.

FLOW - Building a mindful life starts with learning how the mind works and how to build capacities within oneself to cope more effectively with both short- and long-term stressful situations. We offer our colleagues eight weeks of mindfulness-based stress reduction courses to reawaken to who they already are.

At Tesco, parents are treated as partners. We celebrate with an annual ‘Parents as Partners’ event to make them aware of our policies, practices, work environment and investments we are making for the welfare of colleagues.

Colleague Stories

"My mantra for inclusion is "Never give up. Always stay positive and work as a team. If i care for others; others will care for me. Inclusion means working together for a common goal. At the end of the journey, there will be something for me to learn and move ahead that will help me to excel in my life."

Aishwarya B U

System Analyst - Technology

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"Be open for changes in both process and people because the ability to adopt the change will be your biggest strength to grow. Trust your stakeholders and build your network across functions to form a collaborative workplace. Finally, smile always because you will be able to win hearts!"

Arun Kumar A

Lead– Customer, Product & Fulfillment

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"Work as a team to explore new challenges and achieve what is really good to achieve." I believe, I can alone achieve good things, but together as a team we can achieve many great things. When everyone is included in a journey to reach a destination, everyone wins when we achieve it together."

Deepthi Yelakapally Raju

Retail Planner - Property Services

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