Tesco Technology

Delivering Customer Delight

Through compelling customised offers and seamless shopping experiences

We go miles to bring smiles to our customers and colleagues every day by being part of their journey every step of the way. We ensure that every single customer from our family of millions globally, gets his or her shopping list fulfilled in a deeply personalised and timely way – from brands of his or her choice, trends and past purchase history, new product offers and insights, round-the-clock product availability, a glitch- and hassle-free experience from check-in to check-out be it online or in-store, to on-time delivery. We follow up with an after-sales confirmation and request feedback on the customer experience.

Similarly, we equip our colleagues with the best innovations in technology products and processes backed by data-driven insights. This helps them enhance their efficiencies to serve our customers a little better every day.

These unique and seamless experiences are firmly backed by our market leadership in supply chain and fulfillment, integrated systems for a streamlined workflow, and best-of-breed technology teams who constantly innovate to build value through pioneering top-notch products for our customers and colleagues every day.

Just as technology is at the core of what we do, our integrated teams at Farringdon, Welwyn Garden City and Bengaluru are at the heart of innovations at scale, leveraging technology while being agile to adapt to a dynamic technology environment.

Data and Analytics

The Data & Analytics team at Tesco plays a critical role in analyzing the value from data to serve its customers and communities. They build and run Tesco’s data platforms to serve thousands of monthly active users, they architect and engineer data onto these platforms, provide capabilities and tools to the analytics community across Tesco, and develop data and AI products at scale. They make Tesco powered by Data. They manage and leverage Petabytes of data, they favor open source and innovation and create their own IP, and use hybrid infrastructure (on-prem, private cloud and public cloud).


The largest Engineering team based out of Bengaluru for Tesco comprises of engineers that are the backbone of one of the biggest retail brands in the UK. The in-house technology team has Engineers, Architects, Data Scientists, Product and Program managers, who use open-source software to build and maintain world-class software that is implemented in an agile way, keeping customers at the heart of what they do, while also reflecting their responsibilities to the communities and planet they serve.


Tesco Technology Infrastructure in Bengaluru provides critical platform & operational support for Stores, Distribution Centers, Online Channels, and Head offices across UK/ROI and CE. The infrastructure operational support covers both public and private cloud i.e. their hybrid cloud strategy. The infrastructure support covers data engineering, testing, and application teams responsible for providing critical support for Tesco Bank online banking products such as Credit Cards, Savings & Current accounts, Loans, and General Insurance.


The Programme teams under Tesco Technology drive and deliver complex cross-functional technology initiatives. They ensure that they are product led and prioritize what delivers the biggest value as well as deliver efficiently and effectively.


Tesco’s Cyber Security team is responsible for developing and running day-to-day security processes for the Tesco Group. They are the eyes and ears of the organization. They work continuously towards changing security capabilities to further enhance the protection and controls that are offered for customers and colleagues across the UK, Europe, and Asia.


The Technology Transformation team at Tesco Bengaluru is a high performing team that’s product and engineering-led and is always striving to improve. Technology is a large part of Tesco Bengaluru as well as the largest technology operations for Tesco worldwide among the ones in the UK, Poland, Budapest, and other Asian countries.


The Product team at Tesco drives the vision, strategy, and roadmap for the vast landscape of products. With a passion for problem-solving, the team informs and influences the direction of the products by understanding the business north star metrics, user needs, and market trends to build successful and viable products.

Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank provides a variety of products to Tesco’s retail customers to enable them to service their financial needs better every day. The product range covers Core Banking Services, Credit Cards, Insurance, Loans, Travel Money & Clubcard Pay+. Tesco Bank teams in Bengaluru provide end-to-end Technology services – Product Management, Agile Program Management, Systems Design & Architecture; Application Software, Data & Test Engineering & Support along with Infrastructure Operations Support. The Bank Technology team is fully integrated with the various Digital Value Streams (Spend & Save, Protect & Borrow) and Platform teams and has adopted Scaled Agile methodology to delivery value to the Bank. Additionally, the Bank also receives services from the People and Finance functions in Bengaluru.

Engineering - Enabling Functions Technology

The team develops and implements software to achieve both the product and business vision. They use the best of the technologies and engineering standards to solve complex business problems. They are the team that convert the ‘what’ from the Product team and the ‘how’ from Architecture into working software. They develop software that is scalable, performant, highly secured and future-proof.

They work closely with the Product, API, Programme, and Architecture teams to design and deliver the right solutions. They strive to achieve continuous innovation and place collaboration at the heart of their growth.

Supply Chain

Tesco fully understands the potential of its supply chain to provide a competitive advantage and is dedicated to customizing it to meet the unique demands of its customers while actively contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future. The in-house developed supply chain software product boasts a range of capabilities that are harnessed across Tesco’s global network of locations, streamlining the efficient flow of products from suppliers to consumers. These capabilities encompass essential functions such as Demand Forecasting, Ordering, Inventory Management, and Supplier Collaborations, all of which are deployed worldwide to enhance the efficiency of Tesco’s operations.

Strategically located across different regions, including the UK, India, and Poland, Tesco’s supply chain technology teams are strategically positioned to address the diverse business needs and deliver value-added solutions.

Meet Our Teams

Padmanabh (Paddy) Ranade

Head Of Software Development, Tesco Bank