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Training The Managers, The Tesco Way - HR Katha

An internal study reflected a gap in terms of deliveries, as the retail environment required leaders capable of working effectively across organisatio...

Cos Now Hire Storytellers to Mentor Staff - The Economic Times

In Retail, Domain-specific Skills Must For Effective Customer Servicing - TimesJobs.Com

While the business environment remains challenging in the retail industry, the need to build capability continues to be a priority. So, to attract the...

Plan to protect dwindling wetlands of Bengaluru

IndiaCSR: Tesco HSC Launches Sustainability Initiatives For Greener Future

To commemorate World Environment Day which is observed on June 5th every year, Tesco HSC – the technology and operations centre of leading global reta...



New life to plants in park Employees of TESCO celebrated World Environment Day a day in advance by planting saplings. Different varieties of saplin...

Glen Attewell Interviewed On NASSCOM Website’s Face 2 Face Column

Q: What is the role that Tesco HSC has played in driving the growth of the parent company Tesco? Will GICs (Global In-house Centers) continue to be a...

Oh Baby! Why women can’t break the IT ceiling | Bangalore Mirror

A Nasscom report claims that only 1% of IT chiefs are women, and that's because bosses feel having a baby changes a woman's priorities Fo...

Is Diversity Your Company’s Most Resounding Mantra? by Anju Sethi, Head, Learning and Development, Tesco HSC |

Malcolm Forbes, publisher of Forbes magazine said “Diversity is the art of thinking independently together.” As a concept, diversity has taken prec...

Tesco HSC Steps to Clean Karunashraya Lake, Bangalore | CSR Vision

Women techies log on to trendy, soft wear - Bangalore Mirror

Demure gives way to `smart', as they flaunt their `cool-chic' attitude instead of trying to fit into a man's world "Dress-down-at-w...

Hackathons Morph Into Recruiting Vehicle, The Hindu

Garden away those corporate woes - Bangalore Mirror

The Future of Big Data in Retail, Images Retail