The 2019 NASSCOM GCC Excellence Awards


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The 2019 NASSCOM GCC Excellence Awards

April 26, 2019     2502 Views

Tesco Bengaluru’s case studies on Business Transformation (Organizational Excellence) and the timely forecasting of retail sales (Innovation) won at the prestigious 2019 NASSCOM GCC Excellence Awards in Bengaluru. The awards were presented at the NASSCOM GCC Conclave on 25 April, 2019.

Our submission for Business Transformation covered the Tesco Business Services’ Workplace Ecosystem and how we are combining traditional and digital transformation strategies to bring our plans to life. For example, by improving the first line manager capability through Continuous Improvement and Robotics Process Automation training, along with leadership development, we can empower our colleagues to add even more value to the business. This can be done by re-deploying our colleagues’ saved extra hours to add value to the business through workforce management. We are continuously calibrating our organisational design to make it relevant for our colleagues. One of the initiatives we launched is ‘Career Framework’ that gives our colleagues access to paths that add value to the organisation, stakeholders and themselves,

The other case study discusses how through timely forecasting and predicting future sales with high degree of accuracy reduces wastage, improves supply chain efficiencies and ensures on-time stock replenishments in the stores. Considering the scale Tesco operates at, the Technology team took up the challenge and solved it using machine learning, predictive modelling and cutting edge technology development leveraging big data pipelines and high performance near real time data processing.

Kudos to the teams for showcasing these case studies and for making Tesco proud.

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