Technology choices, Scale, People and Culture will keep you going…

Bhavesh Kumar

Head of Programmes and Strategy for Data & Analytics

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Technology choices, Scale, People and Culture will keep you going…

June 8, 2020     7700 Views

Tesco Bengaluru – Working in Technology.

Hello, I’m Bhavesh Kumar, Head of Programmes and Strategy for Data & Analytics.

In 2004, when I took a ride from the heart of the city to the then-tiny suburb of Whitefield in Bengaluru, I just knew that it was the beginning of something exciting. Sure enough, 16 years down the line, I still feel that same palpable excitement every morning when I walk into our sprawling campus.

The Bengaluru Journey

I started my career with Tesco just as we were setting up our offices in Bengaluru. We were not a big brand in India then, so it took some convincing to get our first set of colleagues on board. I led a small Technology team to the UK to understand the landscape –our stakeholders called us ‘The Pioneers’. Since then, there has been no looking back.

We have rapidly evolved into a Centre of Excellence, providing a sustained competitive advantage to Tesco.

I’ve been able to experience a lot of ‘new beginnings’ at Tesco. I often describe Tesco Technology as an ocean, with its multitude of functions, many of which I have had the privilege of working in for an average of 2.5 years each. These stints helped me regularly build my depth and breadth of experience.

Data & Analytics at Tesco

In my current role in Data & Analytics, I help in developing and delivering on an ambitious roadmap of digital products aligned with Tesco’s strategy.

We are a team of engineers, scientists, analysts and data geeks that help Tesco transform into a data-driven organisation. The amount of data we work with is colossal and comes from a variety of sources. It is our prerogative to make the data trustworthy and seamless to use. We also always keep an eye on new developments and trends in Big Data to explore options for Tesco and make the best decisions for our customers.

Witnessing the transformation of our data and insights into real and tangible business benefits is extremely rewarding. We have helped build a single analytical data platform for all Tesco stores across all geographies, helping improve the accuracy of sales forecasting. We delved deep into understanding customer behaviour and ensured that the right products were available at the right place and the right price. We introduced a health score for products to provide customers with the information they need to make the best decisions for their families’ health. We have also made significant contributions to sustainability by saving millions of miles. More recently, we provided extra support to our vulnerable customers during the pandemic. 

What I do at Tesco

There is no such thing as a typical day for me. My time is spent helping make the best decisions on architecture and tools, shaping our longer-term strategy, and supporting colleagues in their work. I enjoy an ideal mix of strategic and hands-on technical work with brilliant technologists.

I thrive being amongst people and spend considerable time coaching colleagues. I am part of Tesco’s efforts to hire best-in-class talent. I see this as a chance to help someone build the kind of career that I have had the opportunity to do here.

Learning is vital for every colleague at Tesco. I take advantage of in-house programmes and external learning opportunities to sharpen my skills. I enjoy being in control of my personal development, knowing well that all the support is available whenever I need it.

Life beyond work 

I enjoy playing cricket and badminton on campus or just having a long conversation with one of the many friends I have made here over the years. I also like to explore the outdoors. Last year, I scaled my first-ever summit of 14,700 ft in the ice-capped Himalayas.

The role of a technologist has expanded and evolved at Tesco. Though I have spent a considerable part of my career with Tesco Technology, I still feel there are new areas for me to explore, learn and contribute towards. I look forward to many more new beginnings here.

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