Tesco Business Solutions

Simplfying, scaling and partnering to serve our customers, colleagues and suppliers through a best-in-class Intelligent Business Solutions model

At Tesco Business Solutions, our mission is to simplify, scale & partner to serve our customers, colleagues and suppliers through a best-in-class intelligent Business Solutions model. We do this by building a world-class business services model and executing the solutions model framework, which we look to implement across all functions and markets consistently.

The team’s mission is to free-up our colleagues from manual, operational work so that they spend more time with customers & suppliers. This, in turn, provides them the time to take up more analytical work to support our retail business. The Business Solutions team leverages data and analytics to aid key decision making.

We also built a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture across functions to drive bottom-up business efficiencies by optimising processes. Our Business Solutions team acts as a business partner with our group of stakeholders to build a collaborative partnership, driving continuous improvement across markets and functions to lead the customer experience by serving our customers a little better every day.

People Services

Our People Services team operates from our Bengaluru offices and in-market hubs for each of the businesses we support. Serving the UK, Republic of Ireland and all our Central European businesses, we provide a catalogue of services that range from payroll and pensions transactions to specialist technical project support.


Our Finance Services team operates from Bengaluru and Budapest supporting the UK, Republic of Ireland and Central European businesses. The team is responsible for a range of services from managing supplier payments, to cash collections, financial accounting, controls and reporting. The team also provide specialist functions such as Tax, Treasury & Procurement.

Customer & Product

The Customer & Product team play a key role in Tesco’s “Product Induct to Sale” journey. Our teams work across our Food and General merchandise categories, covering all stages of the product lifecycle and making sure that we deliver the products that customers want.

Customer and Colleague Engagement Centre

The core purpose of the Colleague and Customer Engagement Centre is to serve our customers a little better every day. The team has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the products and services offered to the customers and play an important role in resolving issues by getting to its root through Business Partners and Insight Analysts. These centres work with colleagues in other parts of the business and use customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

Internal Help Desks

When colleagues have problems it’s really important to understand their issue, the impact it’s having on their ability to serve customers and do everything that can be done to resolve their issue as quickly as possible. We play a critical role in fixing our colleague’s issues, ensuring they can get on with serving our shoppers a little better every day.

Business Transformation

The Business Transformation (BT) team drives improvement, digital transformation, customer experience and change management initiatives, for Tesco Business Services. They achieve this through global partnerships with the wider Tesco markets such as the UK, Republic of Ireland, Central Europe and Asia. The BT team manages end-to-end lifecycle of projects & programmes, collaborates with cross-functional teams to ensure the right solutions are delivered for Tesco’s customers, colleagues, and suppliers. The team also drives commercial audit discovery and recovery services globally, through a centre of excellence, supporting all product categories, working with global supplier partners and internal stakeholders.

Tesco Property

Tesco Property at Tesco Business Services contributes to a key part of the Tesco business – Building new stores and maintaining trading stores. We support in delivering quality stores from design to maintenance with a team that consists of engineers, architects, designers and analysts. The team supports all geographies Tesco stores operate in. Broadly, the life cycle of a store can be summarised into four easy steps – Acquire, Design, Build and Maintain. Apart from acquiring property to build stores, the team here play a big part in Design, Build and Maintenance of stores.

Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics team has been executing analytics at scale. From tactical decisions on what promotions have worked to evaluate the success of feature changes within stores to strategic decision-making support by understanding the drivers of store choice and supporting forecasting in times of major exception events, the team supports all small and big decisions for TESCO business.

Tesco Technology

Delivering customer delight through compelling customized offers and seamless shopping experiences

We go miles to bring smiles to our customers and colleagues every day by being part of their journey every step of the way. We ensure that every single customer from our family of millions globally, gets his or her shopping list fulfilled in a deeply personalized and timely way – from brands of his or her choice, trends and past purchase history, new product offers and insights, round-the-clock product availability, a glitch- and hassle-free experience from check-in to check-out be it online or in-store, to on-time delivery. We follow up with an after-sales confirmation and request feedback on the customer experience.

Similarly, we equip our colleagues with the best innovations in technology products and processes backed by data-driven insights. This helps them enhance their efficiencies to serve our customers a little better every day.

These unique and seamless experiences are firmly backed by our market leadership in supply chain and fulfillment, integrated systems for a streamlined workflow, and best-of-breed technology teams who constantly innovate to build value through pioneering top-notch products for our customers and colleagues every day.

Just as technology is at the core of what we do, our integrated teams at Farringdon, Welwyn Garden City and Bengaluru are at the heart of innovations at scale, leveraging technology while being agile to adapt to a dynamic technology environment.

Data is the future of everything in operation and management. We at Tesco believe in driving data-based decisions across all departments to maximise the efficiency of the output.

The team has built multiple dashboards like A/B testing dashboard, live relevance dashboard, synonyms dashboard, shelf relevance dashboard and query reformulation dashboard that helps the trading team and online analytics teams in making informed decisions.


Engineering is the largest operating team for Tesco worldwide. Through API, micro-services, agile product development, hybrid cloud infrastructure and AI-driven business decisions, the team ensures that processes are streamlined and customer experience is enhanced.


Tesco has dedicated Infrastructure, data engineering, testing and application teams responsible for providing critical support for online banking products such as Credit Cards, Savings & Current accounts, Loans and General Insurance. The Technology Infrastructure team builds, hosts and supports infrastructure through a Hybrid Cloud that creates the best retail and online shopping experience.


The Programme team under Tesco’s Technology services drive and deliver complex cross-functional technology initiatives that aid the work done by Tesco’s colleagues and ensure customer satisfaction across different countries.


Tesco’s Cyber Security team is responsible for developing and running day-to-day security processes for the Tesco Group. They are the eyes and ears of the organisation. They work continuously towards changing security capabilities to further enhance the protection and controls that are offered for customers and colleagues across the UK, Europe and Asia.


The Technology Transformation team at Tesco Bengaluru is a high performing team that’s product and engineering-led and is always striving to improve. Technology is a large part of Tesco Bengaluru as well as the largest technology operations for Tesco worldwide among the ones in the UK, Poland, Budapest and other Asian countries.


The Product team at Tesco drives the vision and strategy for the vast landscape of products. With a passion for problem-solving, the team informs and influences the business by showing the market trends and help them in making a viable product.


Tesco Bank services is an integral part of a customer’s shopping experience. With six million customers at the heart of our services, we make online banking and insurance simple and rewarding for them by enabling better avenues to spend money in.