Me at Tesco …

Anjan Mazumdar

Head - Software Development, Global Finance and Property Technology

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Me at Tesco …

June 10, 2020     9266 Views

Hi, I’m Anjan, Head of Software Development at Tesco.

I am a passionate technologist with experience in Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking and Insurance. Over a career span of 12 years at Tesco, I have helped build large-scale technology products and services which deliver high value for the business. Tesco has given me a unique opportunity to build a rewarding career where I have been able to not only experience the best of the mix of technical and management dimensions of my work but also build high-tech products hands-on while simultaneously developing great teams.

My role…

As the Head of Software Development for Global Finance and Property Technology, I lead a team of brilliant engineers. We are responsible for understanding the big strategic challenges faced by Tesco and the wider retail industry and developing fitting solutions to meet ever-changing needs.

We adopt the latest engineering practices with security and privacy at the core. In my role, I engage with wider business teams and leverage technology to step-change business. I enjoy the challenge of designing and building technology solutions at a scale which would also stay relevant in the longer term. This is a team effort which means I need to listen to, motivate, develop and steer my team towards achieving our overarching objectives.

Working at Tesco Technology….

As one who is always tickled by challenge, I find it exciting to solve business problems using the best technological solution. I work closely with stakeholders to understand the opportunity and influence an outcome through the technology strategy we adopt.

We develop and implement the solution that can best provide our customers with a consistent experience, whenever and wherever they need it. Our event-driven solutions for Customer to Cash simplifies and improves payment accuracy. Regardless of the store, payment mode or type of service, the customer always has access to a simple way of making payments.

Our technology platform for supplier payments is at the core of our distributed systems, and our ERP systems are integral to the broader technology landscape while our global platform for Sales Income recognition is designed to compute income in real-time. Our Partner Income solutions which calculate income and charges are another example of a domain-driven design which ensures stringent financial controls. These hybrid technology solutions integrated across Cloud and On Premise are instrumental in helping Tesco become more efficient without compromising customer experience.

Ours is a high performing team that is product and engineering-led and always striving to improve. The hallmarks of our culture are inspiring leadership, fantastic workplace practices and a work environment where we value and respect our people. We hire great people with diverse skills, experiences, personalities and viewpoints and make them feel welcome from day one.

Tesco Technology encourages accountability and freedom. We aspire to be autonomous teams with decentralised decision making, who provide our colleagues with a flexible work environment and the opportunity to contribute without limits.

My typical day…

A substantial part of my day involves collaborating with colleagues from multiple disciplines, and I am inspired by the process of creating a technical vision. One of my goal is to modernise our systems which is no small ask given that Tesco has been around for 100 years and operates at a vast scale.

My other area of focus is to develop talent. I prioritise one-on-one conversations with my team members to give (and receive) feedback and support their development needs. Each conversation is unique and important.

My days can be unpredictable in terms of what exactly I do, but all my assignments have a common theme running through them — of working with brilliant people and doing fulfilling work.

What I do in my spare time…

I have a sense of ownership over my work and the flexibility to spend time with my loved ones. I get a thrill from driving to remote areas, unplugging and exploring. Recently, I made a road trip to Goa, going through many villages and towns, and enjoying the local cuisine. I continue to rediscover nature and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings in areas around Bengaluru now and then.

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