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Rashmet Kaur

Architect | Software Development Engineer III at Tesco

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Life @Tesco

June 3, 2020     9277 Views

Hi, I’m Rashmeet Kaur, a Software Development Engineer III at Tesco.

I’ve been with Tesco, for a little over a year now. Prior to joining Tesco, I had worked with an American retail multinational, an e-commerce giant, and had the opportunity to build a product from scratch at a start-up focused on a social cause.

Over my career, I have built expertise in Java, Nodejs, Kafka, Oracle, MySQL, Couchbase, Docker, to name a few. At Tesco, I ‘ve had the opportunity to not only further advance my technical skills, but also grow as a leader. From technical learning sessions, to free access to popular online learning sites, and to leadership development sessions, Tesco provides all kinds of support to bring out the best in colleagues.

What I do at Tesco

I am part of the Tesco Loyalty team. My team are involved in bringing to life our powerful Clubcard loyalty programme that helps our customers get better value across our stores, Tesco Mobile and Tesco Bank. One innovative programme helped customers maximize the value of their Christmas based on their shopping patterns throughout the year. These offerings are created by many teams working together closely with a keen understanding of our customers’ needs. My team and I enjoy seeing the programmes being widely used  by customers and know that we are making a difference to their families at every meal.

Typical day

Every day presents a challenge to solve a problem at an enterprise scale.  A typical day involves problem solving, brainstorming, code reviews and continuous deployments. Daily stand-ups and other agile way of working ensure that we are on track with deliverables.

I’m also passionate about developing others, and set aside some time for this in my routine. I have mentored and coached interns in Technology, including students who were soon to graduate, and women who were returning to work after maternity leave. While I guided them in their work, both these groups also brought new ideas and energy, which helped broaden my perspective as well.


Even with expertise both in technology and in the retail domain, I found Tesco’s culture very different to what I have experienced before. The company has been around for 100 years and it’s one of the largest employers in the UK, with a unique mix of customers who like to go into our shops and who like to shop online with us.

Work Life balance is a focus, even in our beautiful, green campus. I have taken advantage of recreation facilities like the cricket, football and volleyball courts, well-equipped gym, and yoga room to connect with my team and make new friends as well. With the flexible work culture, I’ve been able to give attention to my personal priorities as well

What could be more fulfilling than being treated the way you want to be? This is one of Tesco’s core values, and my personal values align with this completely! I feel recognized for my contribution and supported in my development as well. People respect and trust each other. They generously share knowledge and promote true teamwork.

It has been a fulfilling year with Tesco, and I am looking forward to the journey ahead as well.

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