Doing agile is easy but being agile isnt

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Doing agile is easy but being agile isnt

March 13, 2020     5206 Views

Being Agile is not only about adopting processes, tools, doing stand-ups, sprints, retrospectives/ceremonies and so on but also about changing the organisational mindset and culture, delivering value early to customers and managing to deliver continuously.

The conference on Agile organised by Tesco is an attempt to bring various thought leaders, Agile practitioners and experts together. The idea is to help each other see-through and relate to some of the most common challenges and find their solutions. The conference will be a great platform to see renowned speakers from the industry share their thoughts and experiences of transforming organisations. It will allow you to gather different perspectives from various people during the Panel discussion and will be an opportunity for everyone to learn, share and connect.

Here are the top 5 takeaways from Tesco Agile Conference 2016:

Agile Enterprises:

An Agile organization is one that responds to sudden shifts in the market and its more customer-focused than providing standardized solutions. Agile Organization swiftly reacts to the competition and makes the right moves in Technology. Agile enterprises comprise of self-sustained teams who measure and manage to exercise continuous learning.

Gain more information on this subject in Tathagat Varma’s “Towards Agile Organizations”.

Enterprise Agility – A Journey:

For many of us Scaling Agile at the Enterprise level is not easy. The solution of which differs from company to company.

Hear Tesco’s & Intuit’s journey towards achieving Enterprise Agility by Luke Fairless and Sudhir Patnaik who will share their experiences

Continuous Delivery @ Ground Zero

In our software-dependent world, it’s becoming an important aspect for any Agile Organization to develop the capability of Continuous Delivery. Many organizations fail to induce Continuous Delivery as it challenges some of the business processes to respond to rapid market changes and the level of collaboration between roles that are responsible for the Product release.

Know more about this from Srikanth Seshadri’s session on Continuous Delivery @ Ground Zero

Road to Agile Mindset and culture

We will get to hear some challenges, excellent bits of advice, ground realities and many more important aspects of Agile Mindset and Culture in this Panel discussion from renowned Thought Leaders and Agile Experts.

Games to drive Agility & Innovation in your teams

How can we leave the teams behind !!

It’s an opportunity for all of us to find out how to make learning more fun. We have some exciting games that we can take back for our teams .. We are keeping this session secret. Come play with us!!

So, here’s your chance to

Adapt     Gain       Interact        Let’s play           Enjoy

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