Tesco Bengaluru donates INR 25 lakhs to PM Care Fund

Our small step towards supporting the nation during these unprecedented times

Tesco Bengaluru installs a Water ATM in Koraluru village, Bengaluru

Aiming to support with clean drinking water for 600+ families

Tesco collaborates with NASSCOM Foundation to set up its first Nook in Bengaluru

To enhance the learning opportunities for the underprivileged.

Tesco Bengaluru supports Goonj to help COVID impacted Families

A fund raising campaign with GiveIndia to support the daily wagers

Every little help make a big difference

We at Tesco consider this a core value around which we base our operations. It drives what we do every day for our colleagues around the world, in the thousands of communities where we operate, and for the millions of customers we serve.

Our company initiated the “Little Helps Plan” to embark on a journey towards self-sustenance in the environment that matters the most to our customers, colleagues and communities. The plan’s main objective is to make a positive difference in society.

TESCO believes that future of our business depends not only on the decisions and actions we take, but also on the world around us and our ability to adapt. As the UK’s largest retailer, we play our part to help tackle some of the biggest social and environmental challenges facing the word today. Every little help makes a big difference is the Tesco value that underpins our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It helps deliver our purpose of serving shoppers a little better every day while also acting as a responsible business for our stakeholders and our communities.


“Enable communities with knowledge, expertise and resources that empower them to lead a quality life”

In pursuit, TESCO Bengaluru’s CSR program utilizes its expertise, knowledge, resources and network to create long term shared value for community it serves in areas of Food, Education and Disaster Response; focussed primarily on underserved, socially and economically backward groups, especially, women, youth, elderly and children.

CSR Committee Composition

Sumit Mitra

CEO – Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru

Vidya Laxman

Tesco Technology

Ramamoorthy Rajagopal

Director – Finance, Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru

From these three pillars of the Little Helps Plan, we arrived at areas where our responsible community initiatives mattered:



Water & Sanitation

Disaster Relief

All efforts at TESCO Bengaluru are aligned to complement the following 4 Sustainable Development Goals, in accordance with law of the land, organization’s core competencies and vision:

  1. SDG 2: Zero Hunger: End Hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  2. SDG 4: Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning for all
  3. SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all
  4. SDG 12: Partnership for the Goals: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development

Key Driving Principles

TESCO identifies Food, Education and Disaster Response as key focus area, driving principles of which are summarized below:

  1. Food: End hunger and malnourishment of underserved communities by provision of food supplies and improved ability to produce food.
  2. Education: Empowering children and youth with relevant skills, right attitude, values and resources to be future ready and to enable them to contribute actively to the economy.
  3. Disaster Response: Support relief work in disaster struck geographies

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Our goals towards societal empowerment are aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals.



Clean Water & Sanitation

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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Highlights in 2018/19


Tesco Bengaluru colleagues total volunteered hours.

NGO Partners

Our objective is to ensure that no one goes hungry. In the current scenario where access to food is unequal, we focus on 4 most vulnerable sections of the society – Children, Daily Wagers, Women and Elderly.


India has the highest prevalence of malnourished children in the world. To address this issue, Tesco in collaboration with the Akshaya Patra Foundation provides freshly cooked and nutritious mid-day meals to children across Government schools in Bangalore. This initiative not only makes up for the nutrient deficit of a child but also results in low dropout. This programme is part of flagship initiative – 'Sarva Shiksha 'Abhiyaan' of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) that aims to improve enrolment and retention of children in schools. In the year 2017-18, we had sponsored kitchen ' 'equipment's which led to serving 1.2 million nutritious meals to children. This year we will touch 6000 children every month through the mid-day meal programme, and we plan to continue this till the end of March.

Daily wagers, Women & Elderly

Malnourishment and micronutrient deficiencies (vitamin A and iodine) cause severe health problems related to nutrition in the women and the elderly. Such deficiencies are often caused by a lack of affordability and accessibility to high nutrition food among the underprivileged sections of society. To tackle the undernourishment issues among women and elderly, we partnered with Rise Against Hunger India to support the marginalised groups by providing them fortified nutritious meals. Every month we have distributed dry ration to 1000 daily wagers and to 500 women & elderly. We plan to continue this initiative until March.

Mid-Day Meal Programme

Students studying in government schools often belong to underprivileged households, where parents are daily wage earners or have a seasonal occupation. Such families are challenged to manage nutritious 2 square meals for its members. Malnourishment is cited as the cause of underdevelopment of brain. To prevent this, TESCO and The Akshaya Patra Foundation partnered to support 6000 students with mid-day meals across 39 government schools. However, due to COVID -19, schools were not operational. TESCO and the Akshaya Patra Foundation worked with the school’s authorities to deliver Happiness Boxes at the doorstep of all 6000 students. The Happiness Boxes comprised of dry ration for the students for 2 months, along with learning material, so that students could continue to have nutritious home-cooked meals and fun self-learning sessions.

Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI)

As COVID-19 began closing India’s economy, underprivileged and marginalized communities of India were pushed further away. In September 2020, TESCO and RAHI partnered to provide nutritious meals to daily wage earners, expecting mothers, women headed families and elderly. CSR1Over a span of 6 months, we provided nutritious meals to 1500 daily wage earners and their family members, 300 pregnant and women headed families and 230 elderly in Chinapahalli, Kaveri Layout, Thubrahalli, Siddapura and Kudalahalli, Bangalore. These were packed uncooked meals. RAHI served over 2.2 Lac meals in a span of 6 months.

Access to clean drinking water for all

Clean water and proper sanitary conditions are primary elements for a hygienic environment. Tesco Bengaluru ensures utmost focus on these elements in areas around our campus

Intending to provide clean and safe drinking water to the communities we serve, we have tied up with Waterlife Foundation to provide the panchayats around Whitefield with drinking water unit.

We have set up two water plants in the nearby panchayats – Naganayakana Kote and Koraluru. We inaugurated our First plant in February 2018 and second plant in June 2019. We will be setting up one more water unit this year.

Naganayakana kote plant has seen consumption of over 3.11 lakh litres in one year. On the other hand, Koraluru plant has shown consumption of ~ 1-lakh litres.

Responsible Production and Consumption:

Tesco Bengaluru, in association with Saahas Zero Waste, ensured that landfills near our campus were reduced. This year, we avoided sending 95 tonnes of wet waste and 69 tonnes of dry waste to landfills. We composted food waste in our campus and share the compost with our sustainability partner Saahas to produce renewable energy like biogas at their plant. Dry waste is sorted into 18 categories that later reach the recyclers that produce products for everyday use like the notepads we use in our office.


Wet Waste Recycled (Tons)


Dry Waste Recycled (Tons)

Education is a very critical theme for Tesco. We at TESCO believe that access to education is very one’s right. TESCO focuses on Children, Women and Youth to have a lasting impact on their lives.

In recent days, STEM education has gained prominence. A sound STEM education has multi layered impact on a child’s future. TESCO focuses on providing STEM education to government school children in Bangalore

Our educational initiatives ensure that the youth of the nation gain the right skills through vocational training. We aim at employability and skill training.


With an objective to train unemployed youth and to make them job-ready, we collaborated with Unnati.

We have trained and placed 2193 youth since the beginning of the programme. This year we have a plan to train and place 1000 youth.

These youth were placed in companies like First source, retail stores, Star Bazaar, Fab India, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Girias, Vertex and many more with an average salary of INR 15,000 – INR 18,000.


To enhance skilling and technical education capacity, Tesco in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation and NIIT focus on providing employability linked training to the underprivileged youth and women. To facilitate the training, we had set up Career Development Centre (CDC) in 2019, to bring in Digital & Financial Literacy, Basic IT, BPO, Data Entry, Retail Operation, Job readiness, Spoken English, Personality Development and make the ' 'learner's job ready.

We had 143 learners in the first batch out of which 75% learners were placed in companies like Royal Enfield, Fast track, Team lease, Jubilant Food, Jindal steels, Habitus, NIIT, CMS IT Services, Daily Ninja delivery and Pousse management, with an average salary of 11,000/- per month.

This year, the programme will be implemented by UNNATI and will transform the CDC into an exclusive centre for women, which will focus on short- and long-term courses.

Number of students trained



Nooks – Self-Learning Spaces

With the belief that education must be brought back into the hands of the people, and therefore Project DEFY envisioned a self-designed education for all, which is accessible, equitable and localised. We like the concept of self-learning. In collaboration with the NASSCOM Foundation and Project DEFY we aim to challenge conventional mainstream education by enabling communities to create their own self-learning spaces called Nooks.

Scholarship Program

TESCO and FFE partnered in February 2021, to change lives of academically brilliant students, who due to financial constraints limit their potential and restrict the good they can accomplish for their families, communities, and country. This program awards scholarships to promising students who have not only scored in the top percentage of technical entrance exams but have also been accepted to highly regarded and reputed institutions in India. TESCO is supporting BE/B.Tech education of 100 such scholars for a period of 4 years. The financial background of these 100 scholars is very poor, with average annual income of INR 77,400. 50% of these families depend on agriculture and rest are daily wage earners, petty shop or small business owners. 62 scholars have scored an average SGPA of 8.03 in their 1st Semester.

Youth Skilling Program

Magic Bus developed this program in response to the need to open job opportunities for youth, and to support youth to develop skills and experience in a hands-on practical way. The program’s key strength lies in its unique employer-led approach to skills-based training for youth. TESCO and Magic Bus India Foundation partnered in March 2021, for 3 years, to render youth industry ready. TESCO will support training of 900 youth in IT, spoken English, soft skills, digital literacy, financial literacy, and career awareness, to be placed in sectors such as retail, hospitality, BFSI etc. Until today, 131 students have been trained, 27 are placed in companies such as Swiggy, Marks & Spencer with an average remuneration of INR 11,715 per month. 60% of the candidates are trained are girls. Average age group of students is between 19 – 25 years with a household income of less than INR 1.5 Lacs annually.

Our training centre is in Bomanahalli, but due to the pandemic, this program has been converted to an online training program. This new mode of program implementation required:

  1. Changing method of mobilizing students: Strengthening alumni network to mobilize youth for new batches
  2. Teacher training: Upskilling facilitators for online teaching
  3. Curriculum: Revising the curriculum for adapting it to online teaching pedagogy
  4. Technical issues: Understanding challenges students might face network, availability of a device, resources to recharge data pack etc.
  5. Learning management system: Onboarding a tech enabled learning platform that addresses challenges faced by teachers and students.
The new mode has been running effectively for 3 months now with 70% of registrations coming alumini network. The project is striving to attain a similar placement percentage of 70% as was during physical learning.


TESCO has partnered with Project Defy in a community learning program which aims to develop a self-directed long-term goal and enable income generation. This is done by initiating the students on a path to uncover interests and passions and building skills through projects.


This program was begun in a physical mode where the ‘Nook’ served as a resource centre for any kind of project that the learner might want to take up. However, due to COVID-19, the program is being implemented to calls and by delivering resources of the project to the learner’s doorstep.


Beneficiary Testimonial

Mayank hails from a lower-middle-class family in Bharatpur district, Rajasthan. His parents are daily wage laborers under the NREGA scheme of the Indian Govt. Besides this, their secondary income is generated by rearing a cow and a buffalo. The family of six, which includes Mayank’s parents, a younger brother, and grandparents highly rely on the little money earned by selling the milk to a local vendor. Born in such feeble conditions with poor educational backgrounds of parents, Mayank very well knew the difficulties and struggles of underprivileged children in attaining a good education. With a deep desire to bring his family out of the circle of poverty and also help society, Mayank kept working hard to achieve his dream. With a high score of 93.67%, Mayank topped his school in class 10th.

He secured 81.6 % in class 12th and later started preparing for JEE Mains, scoring a high percentile of 97.11, and got selected in the prestigious, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. To pay Mayank’s admission fee, his parents took debt from relatives and lend some money by putting their house at collateral, as earnings were not enough to run the whole family. Meanwhile, Mayank without losing hope kept looking for a scholarship to support his dreams. Mayank’s college administration informed him about the FFE scholarship and asked him to apply for it. Much deserving of the aid, his application was approved after thorough verification by the FFE team. Mayank is one of the 100 scholars who got selected by the TESCO Bengaluru Private Limited., for the scholarship program. “I am extremely thankful and consider myself blessed having been chosen for this prestigious scholarship. If it were not for this scholarship, I would have never been able to pursue my dream.” says an emotional Mayank, who aims to end his family’s ordeal and give back to society by providing scholarships to those who can’t afford it once he starts earning.





per day


Graduated Students
in 2018-2019

Payroll Deduction

At Tesco, giving back to the community in little ways is an essential element of our functioning. This idea lies at the core of our collaboration with GiveIndia, a non-governmental online donation platform that aims to channel and provide resources to 250+ credible non-governmental organisations across India. These organizations support a variety of causes such as food, education, health, sanitation, and the environment. Through this collaboration, we encourage our colleagues to donate a small part of their payroll (as little as INR 100) online to support the causes that they identify with the most. Over 1580 of our colleagues already contribute regularly to causes such as disability, poverty, women’s empowerment, child education, and more. We have collectively donated over INR 2.4 crore through the GiveIndia platform, helping Tesco Bengaluru rank sixth among 135 participating companies in India.

Disaster Relief: North Karnataka, COVID, Amphan, Assam & Bihar Floods

When people endure natural disasters without aid, they may face a lifetime of diminished hope for prosperity. Delivering disaster aid to victims quickly not only restores lost assets but also maintains their aspirations — and invests in communities' longer-term economic and democratic health. In order to aid the displaced communities due to floods, we have tied up with Goonj to provide relief and rehabilitation support to families. We provided Rahat kits, which will contain the necessary items required by people to overcome the situation. We have impacted over 1200 lives through these kits during each disaster.


COVID - 19:

While the entire world is suffering COVID and its adverse effects, responding during these tough times, disasters and providing timely relief is very important. We made a small contribution of INR 25 Lakhs to PM CARES Fund to fight against COVID-19.


PM Cares Fund

Donated ₹25 lakhs to the Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund) tackling COVID-19


Project Nurture

TESCO partnered with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled to provide dry ration kits to families of 605 primary school students, who were not able to support nutrition in the absence of mid-day meals and provide mid-day meals to 3500 primary school students once schools re-open. CSR6