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Arun Kumar A

May 17, 2019     6805 Views



What makes you feel inclusive at Tesco?

At Tesco, my ideas are valued and appreciated. I am encouraged to learn new skills and apply on my job. The work culture helps me to maintain my work-life effectiveness and allows me to be myself with my personal believes and style of working.

What brings out your best at Tesco?

I am at my best while working on multiple projects managing various stakeholders because that brings out my networking skills. Also, I am surrounded by bunch of knowledgeable and competitive colleagues which helps me to perform better.

What makes you collaborative and help each other?

I feel the trust on each other makes a great place to work. At Tesco, we trust each other and when needed we come together for a best possible solution for the business.

How is your journey so far?

This is my first job. After completing my Post Graduation, I joined Tesco. In these last 7 years, I worked under various people managers that helped me to grow professionally and made my journey exciting so far.



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