Tesco establishes a Business Services Centre in Budapest

Serving it’s its Central European operations

Delivering The Most Compelling Offer For Customers

Our top-notch technological services ensure efficient working of a plethora of digital products

Delivering Customer Delight through Compelling Customized Offers and Seamless Shopping Experiences

We go miles to bring smiles to our customers and colleagues every day by being part of their journey every step of the way. We ensure that every single customer from our family of millions globally, gets his or her shopping list fulfilled in a deeply personalized and timely way – from brands of his or her choice, trends and past purchase history, new product offers and insights, round-the-clock product availability, a glitch- and hassle-free experience from check-in to check-out be it online or in-store, to on-time delivery. We follow up with an after-sales confirmation and request feedback on the customer experience.

Similarly, we equip our colleagues with the best innovations in technology products and processes backed by data-driven insights. This helps them enhance their efficiencies to serve our customers a little better every day.

These unique and seamless experiences are firmly backed by our market leadership in supply chain and fulfillment, integrated systems for a streamlined workflow, and best-of-breed technology teams who constantly innovate to build value through pioneering top-notch products for our customers and colleagues every day.

Just as technology is at the core of what we do, our integrated teams at Farringdon, Welwyn Garden City and Bengaluru are at the heart of innovations at scale, leveraging technology while being agile to adapt to a dynamic technology environment.

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We are responsible for systems that are in place for a streamlined work chain:

We provide end-to-end Retail Engineering Services


Data is at the core of Tesco's services. The Search Science team enables customers to find the right product when they search for it online and in stores in the most personalised manner. They combine different forms of data to arrive at the relevant products for a customer query. The data team works closely with the product team, data science team, search platform team, TAP team and online analytics team.

Data is the future of everything in operation and management. We at Tesco believe in driving data-based decisions across all departments to maximise the efficiency of the output.

The team has built multiple dashboards like A/B testing dashboard, live relevance dashboard, synonyms dashboard, shelf relevance dashboard and query reformulation dashboard that helps the trading team and online analytics teams in making informed decisions.

Our research and development focus on  ensuring reduced customer friction in their online and self-checkout journey.

Increased revenue of

£50 Mn

in the past 18 months

Our Tasks

Elastic Search

Understand Past Customer Queries

Combine Product, brand and dietary attributes

Building data models with the information

  • Query Management
  • Shelf-relevance management

Our Goals

  • Teams make informed decisions
  • New metric systems to ensure better tracking

What we are looking for in a potential colleague

  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • Java
  • Data processing skills
  • Background in Data Science and Software Engineering


The Engineering Team at Tesco Bengaluru is a high performing team centred around product and engineering. Technology is a large part of Tesco Bengaluru today and Engineering is the largest operating team for Tesco worldwide. Through API, micro-services, agile product development, hybrid cloud infrastructure and AI-driven business decisions, the team ensures that processes are streamlined and customer experience is enhanced.

Our Tasks

  • Product development
  • AI development
  • Data management

Our Goals:

  • Products are available at the right time
  • Ensure the order is fulfilled through an effective supply chain system
  • Cost-effectivity
  • Effective and efficient customer experience
  • Driving royalty programs through Clubcard
  • Building sound data lakes
  • AI-driven customer experience

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Passion for retail
  • Creativity
  • Background in data development and support
  • Efficiency in tasks


Tesco is a key enabler to a global Technology Infrastructure team of over 1500 people, delivering new and improved tech products to simplify and enhance customer and colleague experience. Tesco entails multi-channel operations and subsidiary businesses such as Tesco Bank and Tesco Booker, serving three major international trading regions: UK/ROI, CE & Asia. Tesco has dedicated Infrastructure, data engineering, testing and application teams responsible for providing critical support for online banking products such as Credit Cards, Savings & Current accounts, Loans and General Insurance. The Technology Infrastructure team builds, hosts and supports infrastructure through a Hybrid Cloud that creates the best retail and online shopping experience.

Managing 250k Devices Globally

Operating 6 Data Centres

Supporting 280k Colleagues

Our Tasks:

  • Defining cloud adoption standards
  • Building tooling for governance and remediation
  • Creating digital workplaces
  • Tech support

Our Goals:

  • Streamlined operations across the globe
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Optimum online shopping experience

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Passion for retail and banking
  • Customer service mind-set


The Programme team under Tesco’s Technology services drive and deliver complex cross-functional technology initiatives that aid the work done by Tesco’s employees and ensure customer satisfaction across different countries.

Our Tasks:

  • Quality Management
  • Delivery Framework
  • Security
  • Performance analysis

Our Goals:

  • Top quality delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Value-add to the business

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • People management
  • Research and detail-oriented mind-set
  • Problem Solving Ability


Tesco’s Cyber Security team is responsible for developing and running day-to-day security processes for the Tesco Group. They are the eyes and ears of the organisation. They work continuously towards changing security capabilities to further enhance the protection and controls that are offered for customers and colleagues across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Our Tasks:

  • Protection of systems and data
  • Battling threats
  • Improved tools and processes

Our Goals:

  • Stay ahead of threats
  • Secure shopping across the world
  • Security of Data for Tesco

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Problem-solving ability
  • A desire to learn and grow
  • Working in complex technical environments


The Transformation team at Tesco creates the roadmap of products, services & digital products and develop engineering applications & services. The Technology Transformation team at Tesco Bangalore is a high performing team that’s product and engineering-led and is always striving to improve. Technology is a large part of Tesco Bengaluru as well as the largest technology operations for Tesco worldwide among the ones in the UK, Poland, Budapest and other Asian countries.

Our Tasks:

  • Developing market strategies
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Engineering and implementing shopping systems
  • End-to-end product implementation

Our Goals:

  • Agile strategies
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Simple and efficient systems
  • Relevant data availability

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Creative work process
  • Passion for strategizing
  • Knowledge in developing software applications
  • Ability to simplify processes


The Product team at Tesco drives the vision and strategy for the vast landscape of products. With a passion for problem-solving, the team informs and influences the business by showing the market trends and help them in making a viable product.

Our Tasks:

  • Creating top-notch products backed by market research
  • Framing customer-related hypothesis
  • Providing strategies and roadmaps for future products

Our Goals:

  • Streamlining the process of shopping
  • Ensuring feasibility in strategies
  • Simplifying the back-end processes

What we look for in a potential colleague:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Strategy-oriented solutions
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Understanding of market tools


Tesco Bank services is an integral part of a customer’s shopping experience. With six million customers at the heart of our services, we make online banking and insurance simple and rewarding for them by enabling better avenues to spend money in.

Our Tasks:

  • Providing a seamless shopping experience
  • Credit card and Tesco Club Card integration
  • Providing avenues for customers to earn more points

Our Goals:

  • Enable customers to make better shopping choices
  • Improve the ease of shopping
  • Improve the efficiency of the business

What we look for in a potential colleague:

  • Proficiency in emerging technologies
  • Knowledge in banking and finance
  • Passion for customer service


We simplify, scale & partner to serve our customers, colleagues and suppliers through a best in class intelligent Business Services model

At Tesco Business Services, our mission is to simplify, scale & partner to serve our customers, colleagues and suppliers through a best in class intelligent Business Services model. We do this by building a world-class business services model and executing the service model framework, which we look to implement across all functions and markets consistently.

The team's mission is to free-up our colleagues from manual, operational work so that they spend more time with customers & suppliers. This, in turn, provides them the time to take up more analytical work to support our retail business. The Business Services team at Tesco leverages the best-in-class technologies to augment key decision making.

We also built a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture across functions to drive bottom-up business efficiencies by optimising processes. Our Business Services team acts as a business partner with our group of stakeholders to build a collaborative partnership, driving continuous improvement across markets and functions to lead the best customer experience by serving our shoppers a little better every day.


People Services

Our People Services team operates from our Bengaluru offices and in-market hubs for each of the businesses we support. Serving the UK, Republic of Ireland and all our Central European businesses, we provide a catalogue of services that range from payroll and pensions transactions, through to specialist technical project support. The teams work directly with statutory authorities to ensure all our corporate obligations are met. Working hand-in-hand with our colleagues, partners in Stores, Distribution Centres and Head Offices, we deliver one of the largest Payroll operations in Europe.
This is a distributed team working across People Services and Technology in Bengaluru and the Programme team in the UK to transition from old, manual-intensive People systems to cloud-based systems enabling real-time updates and encouraging self-serve culture.

Our Tasks:

  • Creation of cloud-based computing systems
  • Creation of blueprint for smooth people operations
  • People support

Our Goals:

  • Creation of robust and intuitive systems
  • Simplification of policies
  • Streamlining processes
  • Customer Satisfaction

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Efficiency in tasks
  • Adaptability to robust environments
  • Passion for retail
The team is accountable for paying 350,000 colleagues in the UK and ROI working in Stores, Head Office, Distribution Centres, Tesco Bank, and many other Tesco subsidiaries Further to core Payroll, the team also manages the Pension and Benefits of an even greater number (over 440,000) of colleagues and retirees. The team has to work closely with government bodies and audit teams to ensure that they are compliant with the rules and policies. Our Central European People Services team is distributed, working from our newly formed hub in Budapest (Hungary), and several in-market satellite teams in Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia.

Our Tasks:

  • Payroll & Pensions Administration
  • Reward & Benefits Transactions
  • Coordination with government bodies and audit teams
  • Reconciliation & Remittance
  • Query Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • E-Learning Content Design
  • Recruitment support
  • Technical project support
  • Payroll Communications
  • Post & Scanning Dispatch

Our Goals:

  • Accurate and on-time pay for colleagues
  • Customer satisfaction

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Skill with numbers
  • Accuracy in operations
  • Passion for retail


Partnering the business to serve shoppers a little better every day, is at the heart of what we do at Finance. We protect the interests of the business, generate value and collaborate effectively to deliver Tesco’s ambitions. We always strive for simplicity & efficiency, adopting innovation and nurturing our people to grow.

Our Finance Services team operates from Bengaluru and Budapest supporting the UK, Republic of Ireland and Central European businesses. The team is responsible for a range of services from managing supplier payments, to cash collections, financial accounting, controls and reporting. The team also provide specialist functions such as Tax, Treasury & Procurement.

At Tesco finance, you will have the opportunity to work with a bunch of bright, fun loving and astute finance professionals who are passionate about retail.

I. Record to Report (Accounting)

“Only accountants can save the world! ...through peace, goodwill and reconciliations”

We protect our business reputation and interests of stakeholders by preparing and reporting financial statements in compliance with Tesco Group Accounting Policy & IFRS guidelines. We provide assurance to all stakeholders on operating effectiveness of key financial controls and are responsible to prevent any accounting errors or financial misstatements.

Our Tasks:

  • Period end close including journal processing
  • Balance Sheet account reconciliations

Our Goals:

  • Ensure timeliness, accuracy and completeness
  • Maintain no surprise environment- always audit ready

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Knowledge of Accounting
  • Attention to detail

II. Acquire to Retire (A2R) and Project to Result (P2R)

“Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities”

A2R- we are responsible for maintaining fixed assets (e.g. Land & buildings, vehicles) and are custodians of all transactions affecting, assets including additions, transfers, disposals and deprecation.

P2R- we are responsible for collating & reporting costs for projects (e.g. store development or refit). We bring discipline and visibility into capital spend, operating costs & resource utilization of projects.

A2R/P2R Tasks:

  • Set up, maintenance and tracking project spend
  • Maintaining Fixed Asset Register and Technical Asset Register

Our Goals:

  • Accurate and timely accounting, reporting of project, asset costs & expenses

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Unwavering focus on improving service quality & voice of customer score
  • Flair for continuous improvement.

III. Procure to Pay (P2P)

“If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments”

We are critical to ensuring suppliers are paid on time and products and services available in time for our customers and colleagues. We work with the buyers and various stakeholders across the business in addition to managing expense claims raised by our colleagues.

Our Tasks:

  • Managing invoice and supplier payments and expense claims
  • Resolve invoice disputes

Our Goals:

  • Set industry benchmark for right first time & on time payments to suppliers
  • Delight suppliers by implementing seamless invoicing processes

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Good understanding of P2P function
  • Unwavering focus on improving service quality & voice of customer score
  • Flair for continuous improvement.

IV. Customer to Cash (C2C)

“Knowledge is power but Cash is King”

C2C is the “show me the money” team! We are responsible for improving our key strategic drivers of operating cash & profitability. We manage accounts receivables and ensure all tender (cash, card payments, coupons) used at store are recorded and reconciled.

Our Tasks:

  • Manage Commercial & non-commercial income (income validation, invoicing, collection & cash application)
  • Reconcile & reduce tender losses

Our Goals:

  • Improve operating cash flow & reduce overdue debt
  • Contribute to profit margins by reducing cash handling losses & bad debt losses
  • Be the industry benchmark in debt management, digitalization & insightful reporting

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Passion to improve financial outcomes for Tesco
  • Keen to use technology to influence results

V. Master Data Management (MDM)

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”

We are the custodian of supplier and customer data in compliance to quality standards defined in our Data Governance policies. We play a crucial role of maintaining accuracy of the critical records.

Our Tasks:

  • Ensure integrity of supplier and customer data, compliance to Data Governance standards
  • Setup and maintenance of master data (on-boarding, deactivation, housekeeping)

Our Goals:

  • Zero errors & on time, every time on-boarding and amendments of master data

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Data management skills
  • Quality control and continuous improvement mind-set.

VI. Integrated Helpdesk (IHD)

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”

We are responsible for resolving queries from our suppliers, customers and colleagues in a timely manner. We aim to enhance the experience by continuously fixing root causes and reducing volume of queries.

Our Tasks:

  • Meeting query resolution SLAs – timely, first time & high quality resolution
  • Supplier balance reconciliation

Our Goals:

  • Enhance supplier, customer and colleague experience
  • Right first time, every time.

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Knowledge of P2P/C2C/R2R
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Customer first mind-set

I. Reporting & Analysis COE

“Great questions make great reporting”

We aid the finance business partners by providing meaningful insights across all aspects of business performance. We provide strategic decision support through scenario modelling, capital Investment appraisal, performance and operational reports to drive profitability and/or cost optimization using financial analysis.

Our Tasks:

  • Prepare strategic plans, budgets & forecasts
  • Deliver Performance reporting to enable business teams
  • Develop and maintain business reports & dashboards

Our Goals:

  • Operational excellence in delivering timely & insightful reports
  • Capability building – be a pipeline for Tesco talent
  • Go Global – support all markets

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Passion for retail
  • Descriptive and predictive analytical skill
  • Good communication Skills

II. Procurement

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”

We support the buying function with purchase operations, reporting and sourcing analytics for Goods and Services Not for Resale for all Tesco operations.

Our Tasks:

  • Procurement operations
  • Sourcing support
  • Spend Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Contract compliance

Our Goals:

  • To become the benchmark for Procurement operations in retail industry
  • Deliver value to stakeholders & colleagues by sourcing amazing products and services at exceptional costs

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Understanding of Source to Contract principles and concepts
  • Analytical mind-set
  • Continuous improvement mind-set

III. Tax

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”

We are responsible for managing process and compliance for Customs, Excise, VAT and Corporate Taxes. We support the Group Tax team with returns preparation.

Our Tasks :

  • Excise & Customs
  • VAT Returns
  • Corporate Tax, transfer pricing & capital gain compliances
  • Accounting & Reconciliation of Tax accounts

Our Goals:

  • Timely and accurate compliances
  • High quality reconciliation of tax & accounting records

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Expert knowledge of tax and accounting
  • Analytical skills

IV. Treasury

“Always borrow money from a pessimist, he won’t expect it back”

We support the core activities of UK Group Treasury - Cash & Investments, Funding, Risk and Balance Sheet management. We operate the Middle office, Back office and Treasury Systems areas.

Our Tasks :

  • Support liquidity ops, manage risks in FX, fuel, energy, commodities and counterparty risk
  • Availability of critical Treasury Management Systems (TMS), accesses and reports
  • Manage regulatory reporting, support middle office & settle market trades

Our Goals:

  • Maintain liquidity
  • Efficient risk management

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Expert knowledge of treasury operations
  • Working knowledge of treasury systems

Customer & Product

Tesco prides itself on putting the customer at the heart of everything we do: we play a key role in this, making sure the business lives up to our brand promise of 'Every Little Helps'.

The Customer & Product team play a key role in Tesco’s “Product Induct to Sale” journey. Our teams work across our Food and General merchandise categories, covering all stages of the product lifecycle and making sure that we deliver the products that customers want.

The work carried out by the teams within this function encompass a wide range of activities right from supplier negotiations and on-boarding, product quality and launches, promotions, cost optimisation, ordering and distribution, space allocations and floor plan layouts in stores, to settling supplier disputes on invoices. Delivering high-levels of operational excellence, continuous improvement and great stakeholder engagement are key to the success of this function.

The Marketing function works towards understanding what customers want to see and hear – and when and how – to encourage them to shop at Tesco as often as possible. They engage with the nation every single day, through one of our 3,000 stores, on social media platforms, via the more traditional methods of newspapers and TV and through our vast array of owned media. The “Marketing Operations” team in Bengaluru deploys digital & direct marketing campaigns to customers to drive trade & loyalty. This enables the growth of Tesco’s brand influence locally in the markets while also increasing brand loyalty and awareness by integrating multichannel communications and experiences. Direct campaigns maximize customer footfall to our stores & our digital campaigns increase traffic on our digital platform to drive sales.

Our Tasks:

  • Deploy Digital marketing Campaigns to Customers
  • Target Customers based on their Shopping trends
  • Multi-Channel Coupon Set Up
  • Deploy Multi-Channel Campaigns to Customers
  • Analyze and report out Campaign performance and insights to the business teams

Our Goals:

  • To help grow our brand’s influence locally in the markets while also increasing brand loyalty and awareness

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Creativity with excellent analytical abilities
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing
  • Ability to analyse, report data and interpret data
  • Adept at understanding customer needs

Buying is an integral part of the retail industry and is about planning, developing, sourcing and selling a great range of products that our customers want to buy. We work closely with our supplier partners to make sure that our customers get our products at the right price, value and through a range of channels – giving them the choice they want and need. A buyer’s job is to consider all the factors when making decisions, including customer demand, market trends, competitor ranging and activity, including financial implications.

The Buying Operations vertical helps support Tesco’s Buyers in choosing the right suppliers, ensuring our suppliers comply to legal and ethical standards, managing products, prices, promotions and clearances on the system, investigating supplier invoice fallouts, product quality and complaints, and ensuring compliance to Tesco’s internal, legal and ethical standards.

An overview of the tasks performed by this vertical is as follows:

Supporting the Buyers in managing the product lifecycle right from its inception of set-up, to product attribute amendments, cost and retail price changes and product exit, on the system, accurately and within agreed timelines.

Collaborating with the Buyers to set up product promotions accurately and within agreed timelines. The team also performs critical checks to ensure that the promotions set up are in line with Tesco’s pricing policies and are legally compliant while also ensuring all activities meet the agreed end-to-end timelines i.e. the ‘Critical Path’ , and reporting out adherence to this.

Coordinating with suppliers and International Sourcing Hubs to ensure all product details are submitted right first time through numerous data validations. The team also performs data sanity checks across all Tesco systems and support the category demand planners in the trade planning process.

Managing the UK and ROI Tesco website by updating product promotions and algorithms for product substitutions in the event of product unavailability, amongst addressing online product related queries accurately and within agreed timelines.

Supporting the business in identifying opportunities for cost optimisation of products which enable a better buying strategy for the business & improved supplier relations to ensure our supply chain is effectively managed. Helping Tesco choose the right supplier by facilitating online supplier auctions, supplier audit statuses, ensuring all suppliers comply with Tesco’s legal and ethical standards, investigating supplier invoice fallouts and enabling on-time and accurate supplier payments.

Delivering on our commitment to ensure that we only sell products made to the highest quality, by addressing product quality complaints received by our colleagues in the depots, investigating product complaints received by our customers both in stores and online, and levying supplier charges where applicable accurately and within agreed timelines.

Supporting our Technical Managers with a suite of operational reports that provide them with critical insights and up to date information on product complaints, returns/refunds, visibility of suppliers/sites and their outstanding issues from a product quality perspective. The team also liaises with International Sourcing to follow-up with suppliers/sites to ensure their information on our systems are accurate and up to date.

Our Goals:

  • To provide a seamless Customer and Supplier experience
  • Increase Tesco brand’s influence, loyalty and awareness
  • Accurate pricing and promotions of products

What we are looking for in a potential colleague :

  • Passion for retail
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the retail industry
  • Adept at understanding customer needs
Margin Discovery is responsible for conducting in-depth process audits and identifying risk areas associated with all supplier agreements. The team also reconciles all agreed terms with our Accounts Receivables/Payables, identifies and recovers any missing income and re-engineers the process for a permanent fix (Tactical/Strategic). Debt Mitigation is responsible for addressing all supplier disputes raised specifically for Commercial Income. The team conducts an in-depth investigation of the disputes raised and provides a resolution to our suppliers with all the required evidence.

Our Tasks:

  • Conduct a comprehensive process review and due diligence to identify areas of risk and potential income leakage in Product and Finance
  • Review all agreements, identify and recover any missing income on an ongoing basis
  • Review all available agreements before the end of the Financial Year
  • Investigate all supplier dispute claims
  • Root cause all issues leading to missed income and feed these back to the Product Transformation team to enable a permanent fix
  • Work closely with our third party auditors to identify additional risk areas by understanding their recovery patterns

Our Goals:

  • Mitigate Margin risk for commercial teams
  • Ensure a smooth dispute resolution for our suppliers
  • Ensure 100% of income due from suppliers is recognized in the current FY
  • Feedback all discrepancies in systems/processes to the respective teams

What we are looking for in a potential colleague :

  • Ability to think on their feet
  • High level of ownership
  • Investigative mind-set
  • Curiosity and will to challenge the status quo
  • Numeric aptitude
  • Exposure to retail commercial/finance is preferred
  • Experience or knowledge of data management tools is preferred
The Centralized Invoicing team designs & develops solutions to calculate commercial income owed by the suppliers using agreements and sales transactions. We design and manage solutions for Technology and monitor them to detect any leakages or gaps. 70-80% of the Commercial Income (Supplier Funding for Promotions) flows through our solutions in UK & Ireland.

Our Tasks:

  • Design, Develop & Deploy Centralized Calculation solutions
  • Manage & monitor the weekly Invoice calculation solutions

Our Goals:

  • First time right centralized invoicing of Commercial Income
  • Ensure Compliance to Commercial Income policy

What we are looking for in a potential colleague :

  • Advance data modelling experience with ability to design complex data models and experience of working with large data
  • Advance SQL query writing expertise
  • Analytical Skills
  • Retail Math & Accounting
  • Data exploration, Data mining & Data Validation experience
  • Advance Excel & VBA expertise
  • Experience in Retail commercial funding operations
Our Space, Range and Merchandising department are split into different teams, each with its own specialised focus. The team is at the heart of the function, creating easy-to-build product displays and easy to move around floorplan layouts to inspire our customers. The Space, Range and Merchandising team in Tesco Business Services are accountable for maximizing and mixing the use of space we allocate to product groups in our stores based on business strategy, customer demographics, locations and shopping missions. Using these space allocations, store floorplan layouts are produced by applying principles about seasonality, trends, our customers and how they shop in our stores to enable an improved customer journey within the store.

Our Tasks:

  • Recommending optimal space in stores
  • Creating and maintaining floor plan layouts in line with customer shopping missions
  • Setting up and maintaining Range attributes

Our Goals:

  • Seamless Customer Experience by understanding our customers, and improving that through the work we do
  • Ensuring the availability of the right product for the right customer

What we are looking for in a potential colleague :

  • Passion for retail
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Agile and highly responsive to the needs of Customers and Colleagues in stores
  • Results-driven with excellent planning and organising skills
  • Ability to analyse, report data and interpret data
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Curiosity and willing to challenge the status quo
Distribution Centres (DC’s) are a vital cog in the physical movement of goods – and enhances Tesco’s ability to fulfil products through better inventory management and storage capacity. DC’s also play a role in managing damaged and expired goods as well as packaging and waste. Our teams in Business Services work in collaboration with our partners in country to enable day to day operations in DC’s while maintaining high levels of accuracy and efficiency. We also ensure that the DC’s have their performance metrics on hand which helps with managing efficient operations.

Our Tasks:

  • Reporting on key metrics for DC’s
  • Resolve supplier queries on deliveries
  • Support fleet management

Our Goals:

  • Seamless movement of goods from supplier to DC’s and then onto stores
  • Using Continuous Improvement techniques, simplify operations and help remove bottlenecks

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • A highly responsive individual adept at managing stakeholders
  • Ability to learn multiple skills to support efficient operations
Online operations’ is a critical part of the retail business. In order to support customers order what they want and when they want, Tesco has steadily increased online capacity and is now an industry leader. The GHS Ops team in Business Services manages the scheduling and capacity for Online – thereby ensuring that the logistics we have in place are sufficient to fulfil customer demand. We coordinate with stores and Customer Engagement Centres to ensure that customers have the best online retail experience.

Our Tasks:

  • Online capacity management
  • Usage of Geo Informatics Systems to ensure maximum customer coverage
  • Customer query resolution

Our Goals:

  • Customers can get online delivery slots when they want to
  • Stores are able to fulfil online orders with maximum efficiency

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Adept at anticipating customer needs
  • Ability to work collaboratively with stores, suppliers and colleagues to resolve issues
The Program office manages all incoming projects across UK, ROI, Central Europe and other subsidiaries in addition to other key transition and transformational initiatives. This team follows Tesco methodologies to ensure milestones are tracked and specific project entry and exit criteria are met. The Program office also liaises with other cross functional and enabling services within Tesco to ensure all functional related information is fed into the right governances for effective tracking and visibility.

Our Tasks:

  • Support in setting up a program/project plan and govern them from start to finish
  • Work with all project owners in the function and track project progress
  • Support in cost benefit analysis and project collateral creation
  • Stakeholder management support

Our Goals:

  • Support Customer & Product with project/program consultancy, solution design, transition and transformation support

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Excellent project/program management experience
  • Stakeholder management
  • Ability to create project collaterals and maintain them (plans, RAID logs, business cases, project reports)
  • Ability to foresee risks and plan ahead
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Ability to work in a challenging work environment
  • PMP, Agile, Scrum, ITIL would be an added advantage

Customer Engagement Centres

The core purpose of Customer Engagement Centres is to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day. The team has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the products and services offered to the customers and play an important role in resolving issues by getting to its root through Business Partners and Insight Analysts. These centres work with colleagues in other parts of the business and use customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

The Improvement team is at the core of innovation in terms of systems and processes. They help in ensuring the best version of the product or service reaches the customers.

Our Tasks:

  • Providing faster and simpler solutions to customers
  • Query management- Clubcard, Grocery Home Shopping service
  • Product trials

Our Goals:

  • Best customer experience
  • Hassle-free shopping

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Communication skills
  • Adept at understanding customer needs

Tesco Bengaluru partners with the Business Support teams in the UK to provide a wide range of services for our colleagues in stores and depots. When colleagues have problems it's really important to understand their issue, the impact it's having on their ability to serve customers and do everything that can be done to resolve their issue as quickly as possible. We play a critical role in fixing our colleague's issues, ensuring they can get on with serving our shoppers a little better every day.

Our Tasks:

  • Issue management

Our Goals:

  • Quick turnaround of issues
  • Customer satisfaction

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Adept understanding of consumer needs
  • Agility in solutions
  • Passion for Retail

The core purpose of Colleague Engagement Centre is to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day. The Team is the first point of contact for any technical, procedural, people and security-related incidents/queries for our UK colleagues. The Team has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the products and services offered to the UK colleagues and play an important role in resolving issues by getting to its root through Business Partners.

Our Tasks:

  • Providing faster and simpler solutions to our UK colleagues
  • Effective management on incidents
  • Improvise and improve our ways of working
  • Reduction of volume and eliminating non-value-add tasks

Our Goals:

  • Deliver best colleague experience
  • Improve current processes to deliver the best service
  • Quick and accurate turnaround of issues

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Communication and Written skills
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • High on resilience and effective in managing change

Business Assurance

The Business Assurance works independently, assures and optimises the performance of Tesco Business Services by being strategic enablers and partners. The team leads on service management, resource planning, quality assurance, business resilience, compliance and risk management for our 3 locations in India, Central Europe and the UK. They work in partnership with key stakeholders in the markets to align and achieve common objectives for Tesco. This enables Tesco Business Services to become a partner of choice for Tesco Group and help create a competitive advantage in the retail space. By staying ahead with risk profiling, providing visibility to key risks and mitigation plans, they strengthen controls.

Our Tasks:

  • Strategy Management
  • Resource Planning and Management
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Service Management
  • Quality Management

Our Goals:

  • Strategy execution
  • Efficient and optimized operations
  • Robust and effective risk management
  • Service improvements
  • Quality controls and assurance

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Execution focused
  • Controls and governance mindset
  • Challenges the status quo

Business Transformation

The Business Transformation team drives business improvement, digital transformation, customer experience and change management initiatives for Tesco Business Services, globally partnering with wider Tesco markets (United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Central Europe and Asia).

This team manages the end-to-end lifecycle of projects from scoping, business analysis and requirements gathering, to effective project and change management working with cross-functional teams including business operations, external vendors, internal analytics, technology and support teams to ensure the delivery of the right solutions for Tesco’s customers, colleagues and suppliers. The team is also an expert in change programmes covering front, mid and back office operations and services ensuring smoother operations for better business efficiency and outcomes.

Our Tasks:

  • Transformation strategy for Tesco Business Services
  • Digital Transformation capabilities – Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, etc.
  • Solution Design and Transition – bringing consistent service model to life
  • Lean Six Sigma capability for colleagues and Tesco Continuous Improvement approach and methodology
  • Process Optimisation and Improvement
  • Strategic and targeted interventions
  • Technology Integration and Partnership

Our Goals:

  • Generate value for the Tesco Group
  • Enhance experience for Customers, Colleagues and Suppliers
  • Effective and efficient business operations
  • Digitalization of processes
  • Business agility and change programmes

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Transformation professionals
  • Business analysis
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for retail
  • Digital, AI and Machine Learning professionals
  • Continuous Improvement and value-stream professionals
  • Project and Programme Management Professionals

Internal Help Desks

Tesco Bengaluru partners with the Business Support teams in the UK to provide a wide range of services for our colleagues in stores and depots. When colleagues have problems it's really important to understand their issue, the impact it's having on their ability to serve customers and do everything that can be done to resolve their issue as quickly as possible. We play a critical role in fixing our colleague's issues, ensuring they can get on with serving our shoppers a little better every day.

Our Tasks:

  • Issue management

Our Goals:

  • Quick turnaround of issues
  • Customer satisfaction

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Adept understanding of consumer needs
  • Agility in solutions
  • Passion for Retail

Tesco Property

Tesco Property @ Tesco Business Services contributes to a key part of the Tesco business - Building new stores and maintaining trading stores. We support in delivering quality stores from design to maintenance with a team that consists of engineers, architects, designers and analysts. The team supports all geographies Tesco stores operate in. Broadly, the life cycle of a store can be summarised into four easy steps - Acquire, Design, Build and Maintain. Apart from acquiring property to build stores, the team here play a big part in Design, Build and Maintenance of stores.
Tesco has a highly skilled Retail Design team that supports the business by providing store layouts, 3D visuals, Design packs and cost plans that are used to build new stores or renovate existing ones. The team has great understanding of space, a high grasp on Tesco’s brand and format and is tasked with delivering store layouts that are both customer friendly and cost effective. 

Our Tasks:

  • Feasibility layouts
  • Consumer data analysis- customer irritants and feedback
  • Store layout design
  • 3D visuals
  • Cost Management
  • Order raising support for Property assets

Our Goals:

  • Simplicity in designing store layouts
  • Convenience for shoppers
  • Cost-effectivity

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Passion for retail
  • Keen-eye for customer needs
  • Quality in design
  • Innovative planning solutions
Tesco’s maintenance team that operates under the title “The Triage Desk” supports more than 3000+ sites in the UK and ROI for our stores, distribution centres, head office, hospitality division, petrol stations, ATMs and Tesco’s bank on a 24*7 and 365-day basis.

Our Tasks:

  • Triage & Logging issues
  • Monitor sites through IOT 125k + refrigeration equipment’s
  • Planned Maintenance Schedule management
  • End-to-end maintenance management
Our Escalation Support Team handles critical category calls related to store closures and co-ordinates with the senior leaders to solve issues.

Our Goals:

  • Sites that comply with health and safety
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve equipment availability
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce stock loss
  • Manage and resolve issues

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Drive to improve the customer experience
  • Good communication skills
Tesco has a team of skilled engineers from different backgrounds working on establishing Global Engineering Standards across UK, CE & Asia. All our solutions ensure no compromise on health and safety of the colleagues as well as customers by following Global Engineering standards in compliance with local regulations.

Our Tasks:

  • Cost-Effective solutions with limited risk
  • Infrastructural support for shoppers
  • Track work quality
  • Tech support & Guidance
  • Developing standardised engineering solutions
  • Ensuring the safety of colleagues and customers

Our Goals:

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Using environmental-friendly materials
  • Innovative energy-saving methodology
  • Increased use of non-conventional energy sources

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Solution-oriented workflow
  • Efficiency in tasks
  • Passion for retail
Tesco is home to a team of Engineering – data analysts with expertise in Asset management, usage of leading business Intelligence tools to help us make key strategic and operational decisions. The team’s ability to churn large data sets enables the business to prioritize capital spend on Asset replacements, provide accurate Energy Forecast & monitor Energy consumption to operate within budgets.

Our Tasks:

  • Deliver descriptive reports backed by factual findings
  • Energy drifts monitoring
  • Energy Forecast
  • Asset Management
  • Support Capital spend

Our Goals:

  • Safety of our colleagues and customers
  • Availability of assets
  • Reduction in lost sales
  • Reduction in Carbon footprint

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Good understanding of Asset Management operations
  • Operations research techniques – Reliability, FMECA
  • Asset Life cycle
  • Ability to churn large data sets
Tesco has a team of Facilities professionals that is responsible for making sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people that work in them. They are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Tesco Campus, ensuring that they meet legal requirements and health and safety standards. It encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. They make sure that the Campus is safe, comfortable and sustainable.

Our Tasks:

  • Providing FM Soft Services and Admin services
  • Building Operations, Maintenance and Engineering services
  • Security Management
  • Grounds Management
  • Space Planning
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Real Estate Management
  • Sustainability and Environmental impact
  • Project Management
  • Compliance to Legal and Statutory requirements
  • Managing budgets and being cost-effective

Our Goals:

  • Provide a Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Ensuring uninterrupted uptime of all essential services for the Campus
  • Optimise operational costs
  • Manage Asset lifecycle
  • Develop environmentally effective energy programs
  • Develop effective Workplace solutions to enhance productivity
  • Use Technological solutions to enhance the efficiency of Buildings and services

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage complex workload
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Being proactive, adaptable and decisive
  • Requisite technical knowledge

Enterprise Analytics

Our pursuit is to enable the “next best decisions” across Tesco business. We have been adding value to Tesco over 10 years and have built a long-standing partnership across different functions and markets.

Our Goals:

Our objective is maximizing value and benefits to our business and customers by utilizing the data available across the enterprise to promote data-driven insights for decision making. We combine our deep understanding of business operations with the latest in applied mathematics/stats/ML to deliver practical solutions.

We have focused teams that are aligned to different business functions like Customer Insights, Digital, Fraud, Supply, R&S, besides others. From forecasting to marketing insights to fraud detection and digital analytics, we are a one-stop-shop at TESCO for efficient execution of analytics at scale.

Enterprise Analytics team has been executing analytics at scale. From tactical decisions on what promotions have worked to evaluate the success of feature changes within stores to strategic decision-making support by understanding the drivers of store choice and supporting forecasting in times of major exception events, the team supports all small and big decisions for TESCO business.

What we are looking for in a potential colleague:

  • Ability to solve problems and celebrate problem spots
  • A problem hunting mindset
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics skills
  • Quick learner

Our daily job revolves around skills including:

  • Tableau
  • MicroStrategy
  • SQL
  • HIVE
  • Alation
  • Spark
  • R
  • Python
  • Github


Every day is a new day for learning at Tesco.

Tesco is the brainchild of Jack Cohen, an army veteran who started with a small stall of surplus goods. His core value was to provide affordable food to every family in the United Kingdom. This small seed of thought grew rapidly to be one of the most sought after grocery supply store in all of Europe, even during times of war, when Cohen ensured in food rationing for all families.


Jack Cohen returns from war and starts a surplus grocery stall.
Profit made: £1


The first store was opened in Burnt Oak, Edgware, North London

The 1940s

Cohen introduces self-service in his stores

The 1960s

An entry into household items and clothing, advertising, and the first superstore was introduced. Back in the 1960s, Sir Save-A-Lot was a knight in shining armour for shoppers, slashing prices to bring great value.

The 1980s

Prices slashed further on 1500 products; introduction of the Tesco health range

The 2000s

Tesco goes online; Launch of the Florence & Fred clothing line; Takeover of One Stop; Launch of Tesco Mobile services; Re-launch of Clubcard


We work with FareShare and Trussell Trust to donate long-life food to charity


Free Fruit for Kids - Tesco begins offering free fruit for children in stores. The aim is to create healthy eating values that will stay with kids as well as making it easier for children to get the fruit they need.


Tesco Community Cookery School with Jamie Oliver - The Tesco Community Cookery School with Jamie Oliver, which has been developed in partnership with FareShare, will help community groups by offering training and advice on how to prepare nutritionally balanced meals out of surplus food donations, to stop good food going to waste.


The name ‘Tesco’ is born from the collaboration of TE Stockwell tea suppliers and Jack Cohen.

The 1930s

Jack Cohen expands Tesco; Builds the first modern food warehouse in the country.

The 1950s

Tesco rapidly expands to 500 stores and introduces its first supermarket

The 1970s

Entry into fuel; introduction of checkout stations and the end of an era with Jack Cohen passing away in 1979

The 1990s

Provided computers to schools; Introduction of Tesco Metro outlets; Introduction of Tesco value services; Launch of the "Every Little Helps" campaign; rapid expansion, the launch of the club card; Entry into personal finance

The 2010s

Introducing everyday value products; Corporate Social Responsibility activities; Launch of eight fresh food brands; Merger with Booker; Launch of Jack’s; Launch of Tesco Community Cookery School


Bags of help scheme was launched by charging 5p per bag. This helped save 1.5 bn single-use plastics. Providing free surplus food to local charities in partnership with FareShare


Jack's - our new brand - Tesco launches Jack's to celebrate 100 years of great value at Tesco. A new brand, and stores, inspired by the original value champion Jack Cohen - bringing customers great-tasting food at the lowest possible prices. “Jack’s brings customers great-tasting food at the lowest possible prices”

Tesco Bengaluru is established


We grew to 500 employees


Partnership with IIM Bangalore for employment


Driving innovation by launching the first retail lab


Began commercial service operations


Best Green Campus Award won


Launched “Clean up the world” initiative


Launch of the Tesco grocery app


Highest percentage of women employees at Tesco


Launch of the Women in Network and Leadership forum


Joint venture with Tata to operate Star Bazaar


Bronze sponsor of GHCI


Awarded for best CSR initiatives


Dr Sumit Mitra appointed as CEO


Launch of Tesco Business Services and Vision 2020


15 years of Tesco India ; Company grows to over 3500 employees


Sumit Mitra

CEO – Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru

Sanjay Dora

Chief Operating Officer - Tesco Business Services and Site Lead - Tesco Bengaluru

Somnath Baishya

Director - People, Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru

Ramamoorthy Rajagopal

Director - Finance, Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru

Alex Laffan

Director - Central Europe and Customer & Product, Tesco Business Services

Manish Sethi

Director - Property, Tesco Business Services

Shilpa Ahluwalia

Director - Group Customer and Colleague Operations, Tesco Business Services

Sangeetha Dorairaj

Associate Director - Business Assurance, Solution Design & Transition, Tesco Business Services

Vijay Krishna

Associate Director - Customer & Product, Tesco Business Services

Venkat Raghavan

Director for Enterprise Analytics & Group Reporting

Santosh Gnanaprakash

Head – Legal, Regulatory & Governance

Nimmi Sebastian

Head - Corporate Brand & CSR, Tesco Bengaluru & Tesco Business Services

Vikram Deshpande

Director - Service & Operations, Tesco Technology

Prakash Mall

Director - Engineering, Tesco Technology

Priyadarsanie Ramasubramanian

Director - Engineering, Tesco Technology

Karthikeyan Sengottuvelusamy

Director - Engineering, Tesco Technology

Acchuta Nagaraju

Director - Engineering, Tesco Technology

Our business was built with a simple mission – to be the champion for customers, helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living. This hasn’t changed. Customers want great products at great value which they can buy easily and it’s our job to deliver this in the right way for them.

That’s why we’ve chosen 'Serving our customers, communities and planet a little better every day’ as our new core purpose. As a business, serving shoppers is at the heart of everything we do – from colleagues in our stores to those of us in supporting roles.

In the UK, we serve some 66 shoppers every second, so it’s our goal to ensure every one of those customers experiences just a little better service on each visit.

Serving our customers, communities and planet a little better every day.

Our Values help us to understand how to put this into practice:

No one tries
harder for

We treat people
how they want
to be treated

Every little help
makes a big

Since we first introduced our Tesco Values, they have become a vital part of our culture – and an essential underpinning of our growth and success. They ensure that every person at Tesco understands what is important – about how we work together as a team and how customers are at the centre of what we do. They are universal values, which have helped guide our people as Tesco has grown into new markets and new countries.

Our Code
of Business

Our Code of Business Conduct is at the heart of how we run our business, and is designed to help and protect us. It is important that we all understand the rules that we must follow, and the conduct that is expected of us, in order to look after our colleagues, do a great job for customers and protect our reputation.

Whether you are new to Tesco or have worked for our business for some time, please take the time to understand our Code and how it applies to you.

Our Code means more than just following the law and our policies. It’s about using our Values and Leadership Behaviours to guide our conduct and decision-making so that we are always doing the right thing for each other and the business.

If you ever have concerns about your own conduct or that of another person, you must speak up straight away and talk to someone you trust, starting with your line manager. Alternatively, speak to your People Partner or the Legal team. If you need to raise your concern anonymously, you can call Protector Line in complete confidence.

We should all be proud of our business and the contribution that we make and by living our Code, we can build an even stronger business for the future.