Corporate Social Responsibility

Tesco and Society

Every little help makes a big difference – it’s the value we live by to ensure we serve our customers, colleagues and their communities a little better every day.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Tesco Bengaluru

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a commitment made at every step and all levels at Tesco Bengaluru. Our CSR initiatives are focused around empowerment through skill-building, environment protection and preventive health measures. At Tesco Bengaluru, we strongly believe in the fact that volunteering should be at the heart of everything we do and therefore, all our CSR initiatives are driven and sustained with the enthusiasm of our strong base of volunteer colleagues.

At Tesco Bengaluru, our CSR work revolves around three themes:

  • Care4Nature: Environment focussed initiatives
  • Skills4Life: Contributing to upskilling young adults from disadvantages background
  • Youth4Ever: Preventive health measures for disadvantaged communities

Click to visit the Google map capturing the impact we have made with our ongoing CSR initiatives. Look up our first ever CSR Impact Google Maps page and learn more about the scale and commitment we make for the communities we serve. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report 2015

CSR Impact Map