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Every little help makes a big difference

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every little help makes a big difference – it’s the value we live by to ensure we serve our customers, colleagues and their communities a little better every day.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are focused around three core themes of empowerment through skill-building, environment protection and preventive healthcare.

For our CSR initiatives we regularly engage with our partner NGOs including BOSCO, Association for People with Disability (APD), Say Trees, Akshaya Patra, Agastya International Foundation and Sankara Eye Foundation as well as collaborate with Rotary Whitefield Central, Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor and Whitefield Export Promotion Park Industrial Association (WEPPIA). We support their projects, conduct volunteering events such as skill-building workshops, learning initiatives, afforestation drives and other activities through the platforms offered by our partner NGOs and collaborators.

Through our School Adoption Programme we have adopted five local government schools around Whitefield and support their infrastructure needs and education. Our colleagues are also encouraged to volunteer their time to help the students of these schools learn better.


Other innovative CSR initiatives we run include:

  • ‘CSR Month’ an annual campaign which drives volunteering among our colleagues on a dedicated month
  • The ‘Individual Social Responsibility’ programme that funds social projects highlighted by colleagues
  • ‘CSR Impact’ a collaborative workshop with neighbouring corporates and organisations
  • Payroll Giving where colleagues are encouraged to contribute a small amount of their monthly income to the donation platform Give India.

At Tesco Bengaluru, we strongly believe that volunteering should be at the heart of everything we do and therefore, all our CSR initiatives are driven and sustained with the enthusiasm of our strong base of volunteer colleagues. Tesco Bengaluru’s commitment to CSR is seen in the mandate set of 1.5 hours per colleague per year for Community Volunteering as part of our overall goals and objectives.

Find out more about Every Little Help on our Group website

Check out our first ever CSR Impact Google maps page to learn more about the scale of the commitment we make for the communities we serve. The CSR Impact Google map captures the impact we have made with our ongoing CSR initiatives.

CSR Impact Google Map