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Tesco Bengaluru Partners with Lithium Urban Technologies to offer emission-free transportation employees: India CSR

Tesco Bengaluru becomes first corporate to partner with Lithium Urban Technologies and adopt an eco-friendly transportation mode for employees

Tesco Bengaluru’s sustainability effort collaborates and creates a wider ecosystem involving colleagues, corporates, NGOs and government bodies

100% of the diesel small car fleet replaced by emission free Mahindra Reva E20 cars – 40+ electric vehicles deployed

BANGALORE: Tesco Bengaluru in association with Lithium Urban Technologies announced the induction of an electric car fleet for employee transportation today. Lithium Urban Technologies are pioneers in sustainable urban transportation that uses smart cars powered by technology. Under the partnership, 40+ Mahindra E20 cars are under deployment at Tesco Bengaluru for transporting employees.

This pioneering effort by Tesco Bengaluru aims to reduce their carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the environment. The adoption of electric cars achieves a 100% reduction in the carbon footprint (for 40+ car deployment). This is backed by the required Fast Charging infrastructure at Tesco Bengaluru premises. Further, Tesco’s current usage of hydroelectric power for the Fast Chargers makes the full energy chain green.

Tesco Bengaluru will also benefit from Lithium’s ‘Assurance Stack’ that ensures safety of the employees, transparency of operations and productivity of the fleet. Vehicles can be tracked 24/7 both at Tesco’s transport operations centre and at Lithium’s 24/7 Network Operating Centre (NOC). Aligned with the existing environment-friendly policies, this initiative is aimed at making travel for Tesco employees easier and more convenient. Besides zero emission, these electric cars have lower running costs when compared to traditional counterparts.

Commenting on the new offering for employees, Glen Attewell – CEO, Tesco Bengaluru said, “Reducing our impact on the environment is an essential part of our commitment as a responsible business. We are delighted to be the first corporate citizen in India to launch such an initiative. Moreover, the full value chain is also green as Tesco Bengaluru draws over 50% of its power from hydropower sources. This is a part of our larger sustainability campaign and we are confident of scaling it up in the years to come. I would also like to thank the efforts of Lithium for their work in the area of clean technology.”

Sanjay Krishnan, Co-Founder & CEO, Lithium Urban Technologies, said, “Kudos to the vision of Tesco Bengaluru for having taken the step in the right direction for a cleaner and safer Bangalore. It is heartening to see corporates who walk (or drive) the talk on environment issues and care for their employees well-being. It is a proud moment for Lithium and honor for me personally to be able to be a part of social change and Tesco Bengaluru is leading by example.”

Lithium is the world’s first corporate mobility solution provider with a 100% zero emission fleet. Lithium provides an integrated transport system for Corporates. This includes a fleet of connected cars manned by trained & certified drivers enabled by a robust technology platform – all for a flat fee.

Lithium’s fleet can be tracked 24/7 through the state of the art Network Operations Centre providing the assurance and managing any escalation situation.

Lithium has also set up quick charging stations at the Tesco campus to manage fast charge turnarounds.