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Tesco Bengaluru installs e-toilets in Whitefield

Tesco Bengaluru, the technology and retail operations team for Tesco worldwide, inaugurated two new e-toilets at The Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) in Whitefield on Thursday. In an effort to address the problem of sanitation at one of the busiest junctions in Whitefield, Tesco Bengaluru, along with Rotary IT Corridor, BBMP and WEPPIA, have collaborated to set up state-of-the-art e-toilets.

Strategically located near Vydehi Hospital in Whitefield, the e-toilets have been installed to counter the drawbacks and unavailability of convenient and hygienic conventional toilets in the area. This initiative aims to provide an automated and hygienic sanitation facility. The e-toilets will cater to the general public which includes a large number of migrant population comprising real-estate construction workers and also those visiting the hospital next to the BMTC bus stand.


Sanjeev Nagwekar, Director - Property services, Tesco Bengaluru, inaugurated this initiative along with Nitesh Shah, RBITC President, Anu Parekh, RBITC President, Sreekumar, Sr. Regional Manager-Marketing, Eram Scientific Solutions, Dr. Ravi Babu, Head of Administration,

Vydehi Hospital and President – WEPPIA, Chandrashekar, Head of Administration - Audit & Compliance, Tata Consultancy Services, and Nithish Purushotham, the local Corporator.


“As a business we have a responsibility to communities where we operate to make it simpler and easier for them to be healthier. One of our CSR themes as a business is preventive healthcare and providing sustainable sanitation, a key focus. We engaged our community partners and identified a need for suitable sanitation facilities in the Whitefield area for this initiative. We have also installed 10 e-toilets in schools at Hoskote and we believe that every little help can go a long way in making a big difference”, said Aniisu K Verghese, the Senior Manager for Corporate Communications and CSR, Tesco Bengaluru.


The e-toilets, are designed to address the disadvantages of the conventional toilets. Made of stainless steel to ensure a very low maintenance, it comes equipped with its own bacteria treatment, mini waste-water treatment plant, the by-product of which is water, clean enough to be used to safely water plants. They incorporate a full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating electrical, mechanical and web-mobile technologies. Salient features of these toilets include easy to use access control systems, sensor enabled water minimization, and self-washing and floor washing mechanisms.

Tesco Bengaluru continues its commitment to developing communities in and around the area having also provided solar lighting systems to the Nallurahalli and Gandhipuram villages in Whitefield, Bengaluru.