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Read interview of Sumit Mitra; he is CEO of TESCO Global Business Services

He loves spending time with our customers to understand their likes and dislikes.

Sumit Mitra; CEO of TESCO Global Business Services

The Job
I am a people person. I love interacting with colleagues, both formally and informally. This gives me the pulse of the organisation. I love spending time with our customers to understand their likes and dislikes. I also like driving innovation within the organisation that creates a culture of empowerment and innovation. I love to nurture little ideas that help make a big difference to enhance our customers’ experiences.

I do not like unproductive meetings. Each meeting has to have an outcome; otherwise it is a waste of everyone’s time and effort. Sometimes we can get into ‘paralysis by analysis’; I am more action-driven so I do not enjoy the long-winded processes that you have to undergo before taking a decision.

The Weekdays
My day always starts with some sort of exercise. I like starting early as it gives me time to settle and plan my day. Instead of writing long e-mails, I prefer meeting people either via video, phone or face to face. I book specific time slots in my diary to have various connect sessions whether it is a small roundtable or addressing a larger group of colleagues by briefing them on our strategy or even meeting new recruits.

The Weekend
On weekends, I tend to socialise and spend time with family. This involves ferrying my daughters to various activities they learn and going for movies. I love sports. I play badminton, leather ball cricket or swim. My favourite team is Manchester United and whenever I get free time, I try to watch their game on TV. Being a foodie, I love eating at my family’s kitchen or at restaurants.

The Toys
I love reading, listening to music and surfing on my iPad.

The Logos
Hugo Boss, Bose music systems, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts and ties, Apple, Omega and single malts like Oban.