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IndiaCSR: Tesco HSC Launches Sustainability Initiatives For Greener Future

To commemorate World Environment Day which is observed on June 5th every year, Tesco HSC – the technology and operations centre of leading global retailer Tesco, has launched ‘Greenfuture’ campaign consisting of numerous impactful initiatives that addresses colleagues, the immediate neighbourhood and the larger community.

The overarching theme of the campaign is ‘Several billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care’.
Over 60 colleagues joined hands and planted 240 full grown saplings at a tree plantation drive at the Whitefield Export Promotion Parks Industrial Association (WEPPIA) Water Tank premises in Whitefield. This effort was in partnership with NGO Saytrees and WEPPIA.


Colleagues planted 5-feet tall saplings of Peepal, Gulmohar, Neem and Jamun as well as other species of trees. Glen Attewell, CEO – Tesco HSC participated in the initiative. Tesco HSC plans to plant 2000 saplings in all as part of its afforestation drive and is identifying suitable locations in Whitefield for the same.

Greenfie: social media initiative of Tesco HSC where colleagues are invited to take ‘greenfies’ – a photograph or tip on how to make a ‘green’ difference at home or outside and share it on the internal social networking site Yammer.

HSC Compost Initiative: A packet of compost will be distributed free of cost to the first 500 colleagues across the three HSC campuses on 5th June. The compost has been generated as part of an internal initiative by the Facilities & Support team at the organisation’s main campus which involves shredding organic waste and treating it with effective micro-organisms which help preserve the nutrients. The compost generated every month will be distributed to colleagues free of cost.

CSR Impact – a collaborative workshop that was held at the Tesco HSC campus in association with WEPPIA. This saw the participation of over 40 companies, government officials and NGOs who debated, discussed and defined priorities for the forum partners. Top five challenges for the area were identified and companies were invited to sign up for initiatives to solve these issues.

Three cleanliness drives aligned with the Government’s vision of ‘Swachh Bharat’  were organised in association with WEPPIA, Whitefield Rising and other organisations as part of the ongoing initiative to keep the neighborhood safe and clean. The first drive was launched in March this year.

Tesco HSC colleagues concluded the third cleanliness drive recently by sweeping footpaths and clearing garbage around the campus. So far, over 550 colleagues have participated in this initiative.

In the months to come, the scope and reach of these drives will be further expanded. Besides this, Tesco HSC along with WEPPIA is also installing dustbins in the area in an effort to keep the surroundings clean.

Another initiative held was ‘My Green Earth’, a drawing competition for children of colleagues. Children were asked to paint, doodle or sketch visions of the future. A talk on ‘Growing your own garden’ was also organised to educate colleagues on how to be effective eco-activists and contribute to the society.

Tesco HSC’s activities as part of World Environment Day celebrations tie back to its long-term community initiative called Care4Nature. Tesco HSC has always been involved in renewable energy practices like investing in rain water harvesting, usage of one-sided paper notebooks, encouraging colleagues to commute via company transport which has been optimized for fuel efficiency.

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