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Hindustan Times: Want the job? Here’s why you should ditch the professionally-written CV

The post-appraisal season of job changes is here.

And candidates, in a bid to impress the potential employer, are increasingly relying on professional resume writers.

But if you are also planning to jump ship, don’t make that mistake.

Spending thousands of bucks on grooming the curriculum vitae (CV) may increase the chances of getting interview call, but at the cost of disappointing the employer.

“Sometimes you get resumes with similar drafts, sometimes they are (fake) customised as per job advertisements and sometimes the charisma of candidate does not match the hi-fi resume he had sent,” said Tarun Katyal, chief human resource officer at telecom major, MTS India.

Five out of ten resumes that reach telecom company MTS are professionally written.

“To avoid confusion, we have created a format for basic and required details, so we don’t need other formats,” Katyal said.

The mismatch in the quality of the resume and the candidate is a recurring concern.

Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder of staffing firm, Teamlease Services and president of Indian Staffing Federation said, “There have been instances where the resumes of few candidates were very powerful but after meeting them in person, they sounded average. Such CVs set high expectations which sometimes back fire by disappointing the employer.” A resume for a fresher costs about 1,500 whereas cost for a senior level candidate (above 8 years of experience) costs about 5,000. In many cases the writer is a professional researcher or editor, employed by HR consultancies to write concise, well formatted and attractive resume. Companies such as, among others provide the resume writing services. While’ s spokesman declined to comment citing silent period,’s spokesperson was travelling. A CV written by a professional does help avoid basic grammatical and language errors, buy for employers they are “like those hall of mirrors which throw up distorted reflections (of candidates)”. “They may not necessarily bring out the essence of what drives you as a professional. It may only get one to reach out to recruiters through piles of resumes and not necessarily a job,” claimed Pratima Salunkhe, HR head at Raychem RPG.

“Besides at times data in the resume is misleading which only increases work for the recruiter. Crisp resume written by self is good for HR scrutiny, for the details interviews exist,” she said.

But it is imperative to set the resume apart as Kiran Yadav, director, human resource at Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance advises. She says professional help is acceptable but up to an extent.

“In the end, there is no one else other than you who can provide the insights into what makes you perfect for a job,” Yadav said.

The line, therefore, between a self-written and a professionally-written CV is very thin.

“We receive about 10% resumes which are professionally written. But what is critical, is that the resume is able to communicate what is important and really matters. It is secondary if it’s professionally written,” flagged Krity Sharma, head, people at Tesco Bengaluru.