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CSR Mart: Eco-friendly Transportation for Colleagues

 Tesco’s CSR work is run on the backbone of colleague volunteering – be it tree planting drives or engaging the community with projects like solar lights. Their ground-up, colleague-led approach puts the focus on the human contribution and gets a significant chunk of our colleague population involved in our CSR as active participants.
Here are a few initiatives by Tesco Bengaluru:

Eco-friendly transportation for colleagues: Tesco Bengaluru becomes first corporate to adopt an eco-friendly transportation mode for their colleagues. In association with Lithium Urban Technologies they inducted an electric car fleet for colleague transportation. Lithium Urban Technologies are pioneers in sustainable urban transportation that uses smart cars powered by technology. Tesco Bengaluru’s sustainability effort collaborates and creates a wider ecosystem involving colleagues, corporates, NGOs and government bodies.
They replaced all our diesel small car fleet with 40+ emission free Mahindra Reva E20 electric cars in 2015. Their pioneering effort aimed to reduce their carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the environment. This is backed by the required Fast Charging infrastructure at Tesco Bengaluru premises. They also benefit from Lithium’s ‘Assurance Stack’ that ensures
safety of our colleagues, transparency of operations and productivity of the fleet. Vehicles can be tracked 24/7 both at Tesco’s transport operations centre and at Lithium’s Network Operating Centre. Aligned with the existing environment-friendly policies, this initiative is aimed at making travel for Tesco colleagues easier and more convenient. Besides zero emission, these electric cars have lower running costs when compared to traditional counterparts. The full value chain is also green as Tesco Bengaluru draws over 50% of its power from hydropower sources, a part of their larger sustainability campaign.

a) Solar lights for the communities: Tesco Bengaluru partnered with the
local communities and their volunteers discovered the need for street lighting
in and around the adopted school at Whitefield. They felt it important to provide a sustainable lighting system so that residents were able to go about their day-today activities with sufficient lighting. Having identified these areas, Tesco Bengaluru came forward to drive this initiative and contribute funds under its CSR programme to light up these locations in Whitefield. The volunteering team at Tesco Bengaluru identified a few locations that were in need of basic lighting. Their team had visited the Nallurahalli village for a tree plantation initiative and Gandhipuram for a street cleaning drive. During these projects, the team identified a dearth of basic lighting; also electric poles weren’t erected in these areas. Through initial interactions with he community, villagers expressed concerns about unlit roads at night making it difficult
for them to go about their live safely. To bridge this gap, Tesco Bengaluru installed 19 solar lights in public and learning spaces at the Gandhipuram and Nallurahalli villages.

b) Building awareness around key events and milestones: Around World Environment Day on 5th June, the team organised a ‘Back To School’ volunteering event at a government school, part of Tesco Bengaluru’s CSR
School Adoption Model. They engaged the children in activities themed around World Environment Day, encouraging them to reuse plastic and use waster creatively. The children took part in an art competition on
environment-related topics, made paper bags and created fun toys and pen stands with used plastic bottles.

c) Afforestation drives: Tesco’s tree plantation drives, in partnership with ‘Say Trees’, an organisation for nature lovers, aims to revive the city’s shrinking green cover by planting saplings in areas that are barren and devoid of greenery. Drives were conducted in different parts of Bengaluru
from Whitefield to Koramangala and we planted over 6500 saplings in the city.

By partnering with relevant stakeholders we believe we can improve Bengaluru’s green cover and quality of life for its citizens.