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Intrapreneurs work habits

Rajesh Ramesh

Head of Engineering & Technology - Tesco Bengaluru

Intrapreneurship is not a new management parlance. It is the entrepreneurial attitude, skills & knowledge that employees exhibit in an established setup. In essence it is "value adding" as opposed to "maintenance" of a function.

We at Tesco Bangalore had an wonderful opportunity to interact with Mr Gifford Pinchot, American entrepreneur, who coined the term intrapreneur. The brilliant stories Mr Gifford shared with us during this interaction prompted me to ponder about work habits that are exhibited by intrapreneurs which in turn bring in benefits to the organization.

Few of the Intrepreneurial habits?

Add Value: It is important to contribute more than you cost. It is your contribution that counts, not the hours you put in or the experience you bring in. Experience is important as long it has not become irrelevant in a rapidly changing environment.

Practice Kaizen: Continuous improvement (the Japanese call it as Kaizen) offers best insurance for your career and survival of the organization. It is the relentless quest for higher quality of craftsmanship. The continuous improvement might come bit by bit, but enough of these small incremental contributions will eventually add up to a valuable competitive advantage.

Manage your own morale: We have been led to believe that upper management is accountable for employee morale. However you put someone else in charge of your morale, you dis-empower yourself. Don't let low morale drain away your energy, destroy your self-confidence. Act positively all the time, show resilience, don't harbour negative emotions.

Behave as if you are in business for yourself: As the organizations are moving towards decentralized business units like mini-enterprises, it is imperative to behave like owner of this mini-enterprise.

Be a problem solver: Problems are natural result of change. It is important to be looked upon as a problem solver so that you will be valuable person to have around.

While organizations have their own bit to do in terms of providing the right platform to individuals who exhibit above habits, it is equally important for leaders to take note of these habits in individuals and encourage them to translate their ideas into reality.

Unleash the intrapreneur inside !!