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Anuthama Pai - Her inspiring 9 years journey.

Each milestone came with valuable lessons that made me empathetic, creative, and tough

Awesome I Inclusive I Friendly - describing Tesco in three words Anuthama Pai - Assistant Manager, Design & Formats

How has your journey (experience) at Tesco been so far?

I cannot account for how many peaks and troughs I went through in the last 9 years of my journey in Tesco, from an Officer to an Assistant Manager. However, each milestone came with valuable lessons that made me empathetic, creative, and tough.

Can you share one defining moment at Tesco that you cherish?

I was one of the first selected team members to carry out the transition of Central Europe Architecture and planning process to Bangalore. Being a senior officer then it was a big opportunity for me. I feel that was the best learning experience for me that has contributed largely in my professional growth.

How has Tesco helped you grow professionally?

Being an Architect my potential was restricted to design, drawing or sketching. However, Tesco gave me opportunities to explore my abilities in other aspects of the retail business through multiple avenues such as team management, process improvement and most importantly learning to be a good leader.

What makes Tesco Bengaluru an awesome place to work?

I think Tesco gives a lot of importance to an individual’s learning & professional growth. In addition, at the same time your personal life is balanced.

What advice would you give to new joiners at Tesco?

It is ok not to have a plan for your career right away, but it is important that you give your best at every venture you undertake.

What keeps you going at Tesco?

No matter how trivial, my opinion is valued always. It makes me feel inclusive.