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  • Arun Kumar A

    Lead - Customer & Product Read full profile
  • 1.What makes you feel inclusive at Tesco?
    At Tesco, my ideas are valued and appreciated. I am encouraged to learn new skills and apply on my job. The work culture helps me to maintain my work-life effectiveness and allows me to be myself with my personal believes and style of working.

    2.What brings out your best at Tesco?
    I am at my best while working on multiple projects managing various stakeholders because that brings out my networking skills. Also, I am surrounded by bunch of knowledgeable and competitive colleagues which helps me to perform better.

    3.What makes you collaborative and help each other?
    I feel the trust on each other makes a great place to work. At Tesco, we trust each other and when needed we come together for a best possible solution for the business.

    4.How is your journey so far?
    This is my first job. After completing my Post Graduation, I joined Tesco. In these last 7 years, I worked under various people managers that helped me to grow professionally and made my journey exciting so far. 

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  • Deepthi Yelakapally Raju

    Retail Planner - Property Services Read full profile
  • 1. What makes you feel inclusive at Tesco?

    I feel the freedom of sharing ideas and thoughts makes me very comfortable at Tesco. It also gives me enough confidence to work on the innovative ideas and implement on current processes that enables the best quality deliverables at the right time for the customers.

    2. What brings out your best at Tesco?

    Being focused helps me to deliver my best. If I know what I want to achieve and what my end goal is, then it becomes easy for me to work towards it and achieve it.

    3. What makes you collaborative and help each other?

    Each and every individual at Tesco strives to achieve the best for the customers. There is a culture of willingness and enthusiasm in the teams that holds them together. We work, explore, learn and help each other as a team to experience the challenges and celebrate the wins.

    4. How is your journey so far?

    In last few years, I have experienced a wonderful journey with full of highs in terms of challenges, improvements, innovation, and strategy towards an ultimate goal to impact the lives of our customers and enhance their shopping experiences.

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