Our Colleague Stories

A place where I can be myself

Aishwarya likes to stay optimistic always.

"Tesco gives me the freedom to express my opinions and explore my career own path." Aishwarya BU, System Analyst - Technology
  1. What makes you feel inclusive at Tesco?

Tesco gave me many opportunities to achieve my aspirations. I have the freedom to voice out my opinion and choose my own career development path.

  1. What brings out your best at Tesco?

I am at my best when I work with proper planning, strategies and collaboration. This is my style of working to execute projects. According to me, planning and preparation both are the keys to success at workplace and I am a big believer of it.

  1. What makes you collaborative and help each other?

It is always good to listen to the stakeholders. Understanding others and giving them opportunity to express themselves is the key for a respectful and collaborative workplace. I help others by finding out what is valuable to them and motivating them to stay always optimistic.

  1. How is your journey so far?

Journey has been very active and always on toes because I keep myself busy in all the sports like Throwball, Volleyball, Badminton, Foosball, etc.