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Career Success Story - Abirudh Anilkumar

  • Career Success Story - Abirudh Anilkumar

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  • My Key Motivators
    One of the biggest motivators is the fact that I work for the retail sector which is constantly evolving and is experiencing a massive boom. Aligning this with my process, every single day is always interesting and gives room to encounter new things.

    Toughest career choice
    I would say that making the choice to take up a Trainer role & manage team operations simultaneously was the toughest and most rewarding one I have made so far. 

    How do you learn or keep yourself updated
    The key to keeping myself fresh is attending central training sessions regularly, Also, learning from feedback given by my managers and sharing feedback with my peers.

    Skills essential for my current role

    Stake Holder Management

    People Management

    Process Knowledge

    Continuous Improvement

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  • Career Success Story - Kumar Ravichandra

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  • My Key Motivators
    I believe a strong willingness to learn, the idea of exploring new opportunities, being passionate about things I do and the pursuit of always doing the right thing are some of the things that motivate me the most.

    Toughest career choice
    Decision to grow vertically or horizontally within the organization was a very tough choice to make, I would recommend one to explore them self and understand first, so that it helps choose the right and best option while dealing with a dilemma.

    How do you learn or keep yourself updated
    Staying humble and down to earth
    Being keen to learn from any opportunity

    Skills essential for my current role


    Decision making

    Being broad-minded

    Business Dynamics


    Stakeholder Management


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  • Career Success Story - Tridiv Mistry

    Sr. Manager – Digital Transformation Read full profile
  • My Key Motivators
    It is extremely important for me to learn something new from the role that I am doing
    Making things better and simpler than before
    The sheer pleasure of a job done really well
    Moving up to my next role 

    Toughest career choice
    The time when I let go of my promotion to Manager in my existing team and moved as an Assistant Manager to a different team. Moving away from the comfort of a function that I spent 7 years in, which gave me 5 promotions, multiple roles and some really great experience to a lateral role in a function I knew very little about was not easy but I felt that it was important for me to widen the breadth of my experience. There was no way of knowing if I could replicate my earlier success but it was a consequence I was willing to live with in order to learn and do something completely different than what I did earlier.

    How do you learn or keep yourself updated?
    I strongly believe learning is an everyday thing and not a couple days in the classroom. Learning for me comes from day to day conversations with people, reading, watching videos online, getting new experiences of areas that interest me. Somethings teach you what to do and some teach you what not to do.

    Skills essential for my current role

    Managing large cross functional programs of work

    Partnering with multiple stakeholders across geographies and service delivery partners

    Strong understanding of managing and improving processes

    Leading, mentoring and managing people

    Good understanding of forward planning and strategic thinking

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  • Career Success Story - Alex Laffan

    Head –Customer & Product Read full profile
  • My Key Triggers for Advancement
    Having clear short-term goals
    Laying out a specific plan to aspire to my next role / challenge
    Following your instinct

    Toughest career choice
    Deciding where to move to when I was leaving Deloitte.
    I wanted to find a company that would provide me with growth opportunities, the possibility of international assignments and which was in an industry that interested me and which had a real social purpose. I felt instinctively that Tesco would be a good choice when the opportunity came along.

    Role of a mentor in shaping your career
    Finding a mentor can be incredibly helpful in challenging your thinking around what you aspire to do and how you get there. Your mentor doesn’t need to be exactly the same type of person as you, but in my experience there needs to be a good connection and understanding between you, and a guarantee of time commitment on both sides.

    My advice
    Have 2-3 long-term options that you feel inspired by with periodic sense checking
    Also have clear short time goals with specific development plan to get there
    Don’t be impatient –sometimes you have to wait a little longer for things to fall into place.

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  • Career Success Story - Biddappa Muthappa

    Data Scientist Read full profile
  • My Key Motivators

    Having opportunities to learn new things and develop new skills.
    Finding a way to solve a problem, or overcome a challenge.
    Personal respect, courteous work environment and meeting deadlines, targets.

    Toughest career choice

    Deciding to make the career switch from Analytics to Data Science. It was a tough choice to make, as it required a lot of effort, time, learning, commitment and most of all it wasn’t just a specific subject I needed to learn, but was more a collection of skills. 

    How do you learn or keep yourself updated

    Getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things.
    Reading the latest blog posts, taking online courses, working on challenging problems (hackathons)
    Signing up for discussion forums and joining communities.
    Working on Stretch assignments/Projects.


    Skills essential for my role

    Coding, Math
    Machine learning
    Deep Learning
    Data Mining/
    Data Engineering
    Problem Solving
    Business intuition

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  • Career Success Story - Jitesh Bajaj

    Sr. Manager – Digital Transformation Read full profile
  • My Key Motivators

    My current role - Delivering new technology solutions and collaborating with internal, external teams
    Making my TO DO list and ticking things off it
    My commitment to deliver my best
    Hanging out with colleagues

    Toughest career choice

    It wasn't tough. I was aware of the career decision I was taking. I have made a few mistakes, learnt from it  & never looked back.

    How do you learn or keep yourself updated

    Customized Social Media Feeds
    Networking, Books
    Professional Classroom Trainings & Courses
    Fellow Colleagues

    Skills essential for my current role

    User Experience Journey Mapping
    Story Telling
    Data Analytics
    BPM, Six Sigma
    User Interface Designs
    Project Management
    Enterprise Architecture

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  • Career Success Story - Priya Narasimhan

    Head – Service Management Office Read full profile
  • My Key Motivators

    Passion to make a difference and be recognized as a facilitator of change
    Being open to try new things outside my comfort zone
    Leaders who pushed me constantly, were very supportive and believed in me
    Willingness to go with the flow; sometimes answers are not clear at the beginning

    Toughest career choice

    Being a finance professional, moving out of finance to take on a completely new domain and leading it across Business Services.
    I would choose the same path all over again as every role has been a bigger and newer experience than the previous one,  and I have only grown professionally and personally.
    No Regrets, No Change!

    Role of a mentor in shaping your career

    To listen and be a bouncing board without any judgement, someone who can share their experiences, someone you can relate to yet is almost the opposite of you.

    My advice

    Be Self-Aware
    Be Committed,
    Be determined,
    Be Patient, Experiment,
    Take Risks,
    Reach out!


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  • Career Success Story - Robbie Dagger

    Director – People Operations Read full profile
  • My Key Motivators

    The most significant moment in my career was the move from Recruitment into People Business Partnering. There were plenty of gaps in my knowledge and experience, but I had a Line Manager who recognised my potential to make the move, and encouraged me to take a risk.  My wife is also a huge support.  I would have turned down the opportunity to come to India, if she hadn’t pushed our little family to go on a 3 year adventure

    Toughest career choice

    When I was asked to move into Business Partnering.  It became a major decision to either continue a vertical but specialist career in Recruitment, or risk a move into a broader track that would give me greater long-term opportunities. However, I wasn’t ready to leave Tesco and ultimately valued the faith that my line manager had shown in me. I took on the Business Partnering role and never regretted it.

    Role of a mentor in shaping your career

    Not to give you any answers, but to make you challenge your own thinking and shift your mind-set.   The best mentors are those that help you make decisions for yourself.  Mentors are not Work-level or a job title.  I find informal mentors everywhere.  My own team, and family are a great source to challenge my thinking. 

    My advice

    This is not my advice, but a quote I see time and time again – and I love it:  ‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’ – Richard Branson

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