The Tech Series – Setting the path to future

Aniisu K Verghese

Corporate Communications

 Authored by Rajan Manickavasagam

Tesco Bengaluru has been supporting the Technology and Operations for the Tesco Group countries since 2004. I work as a Solution Architect in the Tesco Technology team.

Tesco Bengaluru also engages with leaders and organizations from other technology and captive centres in Bengaluru. As part of our industry outreach activities, I had the pleasure of working with NASSCOM for their “Tech Series” programme. Tesco Bengaluru decided to host one of the Tech Series sessions at our campus in Whitefield. The planning for the event started months in advance. Tesco and NASSCOM discussed various topics before arriving at – “Putting Customers at the Heart of Service -Talking Retail Technology”. From Tesco perspective, we wanted to share our experience and learnings on how we are adapting to the changing customer preferences. This was also an opportunity to hear from leaders from other organizations on the challenges they are facing. NASSCOM helped us to rope in leaders from various organizations such as Manthan, Manhattan Associates, Next Orbit and Fidelity. Our Communication and Facilities team started planning in earnest to ensure that the event went off smoothly.

On the day of the event itself, all the plans bore fruit. I presented the keynote session followed by sessions from the other speakers. I spoke about the challenges in balancing the various dimensions of retail. I elaborated on the changing technologies landscape in recent years like – mobile, cloud and NOSQL.  I gave an overview of some of the changes made at Tesco regarding architecture, adoption of agile and empowerment of teams. 

The other speakers at the event who shared the perspectives were –

  • Anand Sri Ganesh - Chief Product Officer (Manthan Systems)
  • Pandurang Prabhu - Senior Director, Omni Products (Manhattan Associates)
  • Mayank Shende - Data Scientist (Next Orbit)
  • Asif Khan - Vice President, Customer Data Technology (FMR India)

Each session was followed by a short Q&A. We later had a panel discussion with all the speakers. It was moderated by our IT Director, Vidya Laxman. As various speakers presented and the questions were raised by delegates, some common themes came out. Everyone agreed that customer experience is now at the heart of retail. Several people also discussed about the challenges and approaches to adapting to newer technologies. Towards the end of the day, there was also a visit organized to the Tesco Labs for all the delegates. Our Labs team spoke about some of the initiatives they were working on.

My sincere thanks to the various Tesco Teams, NASSCOMM, speakers and delegates for making the session a lively and informative one. If you ever get a chance to host or attend a Tech Series session, don’t miss out!​