Case Study: Tesco Bengaluru’s #memoryaisle Crowd sources Inclusive History Timeline

Aniisu K Verghese

Corporate Communications

Brand Name: Tesco Bengaluru

Agency: Completely conceptualised and implemented by Tesco Bengaluru’s Corporate Communications Team

Insight: #memoryaisle campaign invited colleagues and alumni to share their journey and their best moments with us on our social media page. We arrived at the word #memoryaisle since memory refers to our colleagues’ experiences and “Aisle” is in reference to our retail business and stores which we operate.

Timelines: June - August, 2014


  • To engage colleagues, alumni and other stakeholders to create a  ‘crowd sourced’ timeline on Tesco Bengaluru’s Facebook page
  • Improve involvement as we celebrate our decade long journey and build a strong future
  • Highlight some of the best moments in our history and cherish it along with followers


On the back of their 10th anniversary celebrations, Tesco Bengaluru launched a social media campaign #memoryaisle that gave our colleagues and alumni an opportunity to contribute to the company’s anniversary timeline. As part of this initiative, colleagues and alumni were invited to document and share exciting memories and milestones from the last decade, on Tesco Bengaluru’s official Facebook page. This qualified as the company’s first campaign to ‘crowd-source’ content and brings well-wishers and colleagues together. The campaign also extends to Twitter; where colleagues were encouraged to tweet these images from their personal Twitter handles, while using the hashtag #memoryaisle.

How it worked?

The Corporate Communications team identified social media champions internally and sourced the details of long tenured colleagues at Tesco. To kick start the campaign team  seeded pictures on Facebook, Twitter and internal social media channels. The team also sent invitations to alumni and requested to share their past experiences with Tesco Bengaluru. The internal communications channels eg. mailers, TV, intranet helped to make this campaign popular among colleagues and many got nostalgic about the memories.

The Communications team has carefully curated the content and recognised the people who contributed to this campaign. 


The campaign was well received among colleagues and alumni.  Communications team received over 200 memorable pictures and recorded over 16500 reach, 700 likes on Facebook without any support from paid media.