Be the change you would like to see - Swachh Doddanekundi Journey!

Clement Jayakumar

IT Quality


  • ​The dream of Swachh Bharat can happen only if every one of us pitch in and do our bit!! I am happy to share the fantastic journey a bunch of passionate volunteers from our neighbourhood have achieved in the last 4 months.

    The Swachh Doddanekundi Initiative was initiatied in October 2014 by a group of enthusiastic residents of the Doddanekundi Area, Bengaluru. Our vision was to create and support a "Clean and green neighborhood". To sustain this effort, we engaged with neighborhood stakeholders and local authorities to create a sustainable engagement on a long-term basis.

    Our objective: To find long-term solutions for waste management, cleaner roads, and surroundings for all our families and the greater community.

    Our team engaged in street cleaning activities every month with support from BBMP. We engaged with the local Government High School in Doddanekuni and promoted awarness on waste management among school children.

    On January 24th 2015, 30+ school childern went around the household in Doddanekundi Village and spread the awareness on waste management among the Village residents and slum dwellers. Our volunteers cleaned the village road infront of Ram temple in Doddanekundi Village.

    Our Swachh Doddanekundi initiative reached a new high on 8th March 2015. We joined hands with B.PAC, B-PAC, Rotary Bangalore- IT Corridor and Whitefield Rising to create sustainable cleanliness. We got sponsorship of over Rs 78,000 to support paining, creating permanent infrastructure to achieve sustainable cleanliness. The details of the event is detailed out in the attached deck.

    We had fantastic support from BBMP and Mr. Sridhar Reddy Corporator for Doddanekundi ward.