Technology: Delivering The Most Compelling Offer For Customers

Delivering The Most Compelling Offers For Customers

Thinking for the customer means giving them what they need before they can ask for it. Our team monitor Tesco store shelves around the world using modern technology to replenish stocks and give shoppers access to our best products always.

Tesco’s Technology team drives change and delivers value by building great products for our customers and colleagues every day. Our teams in Farringdon, London and Bengaluru, India develop some of the most exciting retail technology in the world.

Our innovative and highly-skilled product and engineering teams build, develop and deploy quality software aimed at improving time to market and staying relevant to customer needs. We are passionate about security, open source, cloud, analytics and architecture as we deliver quality, and best-in- class retail solutions.

Case Study: Making the clubcard experience personalised, consistent & efficient across markets

How can we make our customers get the best experience they can on Clubcard? What will make their journey seamless across platforms and devices?

With that challenge one of the teams in our Technology business embarked on a programme to transform how we serve our Clubcard customers online. The My Clubcard Account website (MCA) in available in 8 countries as well as the corresponding CEC applications. 

  • It is the first delivery of a brand new version of both codebases for MCA and CEC. This enabled the team to bring Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, Poland, and Slovakia onto a single, corresponding version of code and a responsive front-end.
  • Post which the team completed this work for Czech, Hungary, and Ireland moving eight different versions to one.

As a result, it created greater efficiency and fixed improvements we implemented in all countries.  The new version is also cleaner from a technology perspective and the responsive User Interface means that in the UK, for example, where half of our traffic comes from mobile or tablet devices, we are able to offer a far more optimised customer experience.

Case Study: Improved decision making & accuracy through data management

With a company as large as Tesco, data resides in many places and in all forms and shapes. Managing that information and making sense of it for actionable insights for business performance is a complex effort. It was a herculean task to migrate that data.

Teradata DBA Team in our technology business took on the challenge in partnership with our partner for over a decade - Teradata, who provides efficient data warehousing and data management agility solutions to Tesco. Considered among the world's most powerful database, Teradata solutions are used by Tesco extensively for actionable insights and decision based analytics. The challenge was that 3 out of the 5 Production Teradata environments were decommissioned and the data from these had to be migrated to a completely new Teradata group platform environment of a higher configuration that enables 50% extraperformance.

This migration spanned nine countries, 10 months and the team delivered it successfully with minimal downtime. The scale of this project included engaging 14 teams, moving over 200 databases, more than 50k objects and 5000+ tasks.

The impact to the business has been transformational with faster processing of data, better efficiency, optimal utilization of resources and time as well as smoother operational effectiveness.  We are more consistent with our data accuracy and are closer to having a common platform for all data needs – a significant milestone!