Technology: Delivering The Most Compelling Offer For Customers

We’re a technology team driving change and delivering value by building great products for our customers and colleagues every day. We are the home of one of the most exciting retail technology teams in Farringdon, London and Bengaluru, India.
Adapting to the rapidly changing technology environment while focussing on the future of retail is an exciting challenge. This means the problems we are solving and the scale of our systems are big. For example, we are responsible for the systems that get products from a supplier, to a warehouse, to a stock room, to the shop floor, and to a customer’s house. As leaders in supply chain and fulfilment, we know this is critical to revolutionising retail.

Our innovative, highly-skilled, agile, passionate, and outcome oriented product and engineering teams build, develop, and deploy quality software, improving time to market and staying relevant to customer needs. We are passionate about security, open source, cloud, analytics, and architecture as we deliver robust, quality, and best-in- class retail solutions.

Technology areas
Store (Tesco’s multi-format business) – supporting point of sale, checkouts, billing applications, scheduling, stock management through marketing, customer loyalty, product price promotion, merchandising, supply chain and distribution, and business intelligence and analytics.
Online (e-commerce) channel including mobile, online grocery, and merchandise for UK and other markets. We also manage the technology for Clubcard, one of the world’s largest customer loyalty programmes. 
Enterprise Services (customer fulfilment) includes search, data analytics, data
warehousing, product, payment, stock, and price and store value services. We also
manage technology for Tesco Bank’s retail and insurance products and services in the UK.
Supply chain (end-to-end experience) management such as picking, store ordering, demand forecast, warehouse management, and logistics for all our markets.