Property Services: Strengthening The Foundation Of Our Business

The Property Services Team at Tesco Bengaluru began operations in 2004 and since then, has progressed radically and will soon become a truly shared services model. This team comprises a diverse range of professionals – engineers, architects, interior, designers, analysts, buyers, quantity surveyors – who are engaged in designing and maintaining Tesco stores worldwide across UK, Asia, and Europe. With an estate size of more than 5 million sq. ft. and growing, and a total land take of 3150 acres, along with movable assets and equipment, we lead in setting standards in architecture and design for Tesco stores as the team works across all four phases of a store’s lifecycle: Acquire, Design, Build and Maintain.

• Formats and Design: Design and develop customer-friendly, competitive, country-specific standard retail layouts and planning principles by driving common agreements and leadership sign-off on final retail layouts & principles. We take responsibility for developing store/fixture designs which promote Tesco brand and improves the store look & feel for customers, and work on continuous improvement of design standards. 3D visualisation of our stores that are done from Tesco Bengaluru communicate design intent by creating 3D models, 2D presentation graphics, as well as animations.

• Retail Planning and Design Implementation: This expertise is a core part of Property Services. Retail plans and design implementation documents (signage packs) created for all new and trading stores within the Tesco Estate help in delivering our promise

“Serving Tesco shoppers a little better every day.” The Design Implementation Packs for all stores deliver the updated look and feel for all our new and refreshed stores.

• Engineering Design: Closely working with local consultants, we deliver Structural / HVAC/ Plumbing and Architecture design for our store space (existing and new stores). Using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, a virtual store is built before start at site to analyse risks and recommend mitigation.

• Costing: Costing expertise provides accurate budgets for all property related works in the existing and new space. This enables the business to review costs in tandem with sales forecast, to drive informed decisions for capital investment appraisal.

• Procure: Working closely with the development team at site, the procurement expertise enables the build process (existing and new space) by ordering the right store materials, accurately, to ensure the stores open to the target date for trading.

• Maintain: We maintain an existing estate of approximately 7000 stores with equipment, workforce, and material by managing a capital and revenue budget of 150 Million GBP. A principal objective is to ensure that the brand identity is retained, thus aiding the customer shopping experience along with health and