Customer & Product: Focus On Customer Experience & Satisfaction At The Right Time

Focus On Customer Experience & Satisfaction At The Right Time

Making our processes simpler, matching transactions, treating suppliers fairly and ensuring timely payments are some of the engagements the Customer and Product team undertakes to ensure our customers get the best experience. Among the many ways we keep our stakeholders at the heart of what we do.

The Customer and Product team defines what we sell and at what price. The team’s recommendations affect all our stores and the business as a whole. When Tesco brings products to stores, the team tries to innovate and improve the prices for customers while working in partnership with appropriate suppliers.

Supply Chain is the backbone of any large retailer and the team of Supply Chain specialist at Tesco Bengaluru strived to deliver the ‘Right Product, to the Right Place and the Right Time’, thus ensuring availability of products to match the customer’s demands.