Customer & Product

Customer & Product: Focus On Customer Experience & Satisfaction At The Right Time

Focus On Customer Experience & Satisfaction At The Right Time

Making our processes simpler, matching transactions, treating suppliers fairly and ensuring timely payments are some of the engagements the Customer and Product team undertakes to ensure our customers get the best experience. Among the many ways we keep our stakeholders at the heart of what we do.

The Customer and Product team defines what we sell and at what price. The team’s recommendations affect all our stores and the business as a whole. When Tesco brings products to stores, the team tries to innovate and improve the prices for customers while working in partnership with appropriate suppliers.

Supply Chain is the backbone of any large retailer and the team of Supply Chain specialist at Tesco Bengaluru strived to deliver the ‘Right Product, to the Right Place and the Right Time’, thus ensuring availability of products to match the customer’s demands. 

Case Study: Customised lean six sigma training builds culture of process excellence

To help serve our shoppers a little better every day the Business Process Improvement Team (Customer & Product) conducted a series of Lean Six Sigma training that equipped 189 leads and managers in the Customer & Product and People & Channel businesses with skills that will improve our overall effectiveness & efficiency. The training content was designed keeping in mind the relevance of the processes we manage.  

When senior leaders identified a need to empower colleagues on process improvement and project management the team created hands-on sessions that inculcated a culture of learning and appreciation of efficient ways of working. The goal is to help colleagues apply concepts at work and streamline how we enhance our business impact. The interactive sessions were fun-filled and yet meaningful with a mix of videos, activities and games. Using practical project examples, games on concepts like 'flow' and 'variation', the Mumbai Dabbawala story and a quiz the team kept participants engaged. Also, Project management concepts like the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) approach was explained to help land change in a structured way.

Currently about 30 Lean Six Sigma projects are managed by the Project Managers in our 'Customer and Product' business in a Lean Six Sigma way to help drive efficient and effective processes.