Channel: Optimising Value For Customer Needs

Channel operations in Tesco Bengaluru partners with the Business Support teams in the UK to provide a wide range of services for our colleagues in Stores and Depots. We are the backbone of Distribution Operations, managing their reporting, fine avoidance and missing stock investigations. We analyse customer, competitor, and market behavior, and forecast future customer needs and trends through research and analysis. The four key areas for Channel are: Stores Helpdesk, Customer Fulfillment, Distribution Operations, and Store Security Operations. Stores Helpdesk: Stores Helpdesk is the first point of contact for Store colleagues in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

We are a team that is a technical helpdesk trained to resolve problems that impact store trading and operations. 

Customer Fulfilment: In Grocery Home Shopping we support capacity management requests to increase post code coverage and therefore sales. In General Merchandising, we support activities that ensure order cancellations are minimised.

Distribution Operations: This diverse team supports distribution centres with
critical operational tasks for United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and Central
Europe. Investigating missing stock and discrepancies, fine management, and
reporting are some of the main roles.

Store Security Operations: Security Support is a one-of-a-kind, remote ‘Alarms Receiving Centre (ARC)’ in India. It is the single point of contact for any security and safety related issues in Stores.